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Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill Accessories

Electrolux Professional is one of the leading producers of cook and chill accessories, designed for a wide variety of purposes. The company offers top-notch equipment, spare parts and accessories for all types of machinery. However, cool and chill accessories still have an outstandingly perfect performance among Electrolux Professional line of accessories.

You can purchase hundreds of accessories for your kitchen equipment and boost your cooking performance with ease. The company guarantees 100% quality for all the chill and cook accessories.

Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill Accessories: Main Groups

  • Grids and trays. Using a wide variety of Electrolux Professional grids and trays, you can easily enlarge your menu. Choose from skewer racks, frying griddles, baguette trays, universal pans and much more. The newest technology of the air-o-steam tachline will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers.
  • Vacuum packers. Vacuum packaging accessories are the must-have for every kitchen. Being a perfect solution for storing food, these packages can preserve meals from the harmful effects of air and moisture.
  • Volcano smoker. Volcano smoker is surely one of the best kinds of accessories for those, who need to create meals with an outstanding smoke flavor. You can also use a combi oven and mix classical cooking receipts with dried spices for really delicious cuisine.
  • Chicken system. The chicken system is a special line of accessories for cooking chicken. Create crispy chicken using top-notch chill and cook accessories, powered by Electrolux Professional. All the accessories are likely to improve ergonomics and handling while cooking meals.
  • Cleaning agents. Use certified detergents that will not harm your machinery. All the cleaning accessories meet both hygiene and safety standards of the cooking industry. The cleaning agents have high efficiency and can improve your product performance.

Main features

  • Choose any of your favorite cooking methods, including roasting, boiling, frying, baking or grilling.
  • Store your products using an integrated system of preservation that starts immediately after the blast chilling.
  • Blast chilling. Superfast reduction of the temperature to the desired level is already available. Chill and freeze your products on the fly.
  • Perform food regeneration right before its distribution. The timer is embedded for the best customer experience.

E-chef is the newest technology used in the air-o-steam Touchline combi oven. The system is developed meeting the requirements of pro cookers all over the world. With the help of e-chef, you can easily transform the global receipts to any kitchen. In other words, you can serve foreign dishes locally.

The receipts can be grouped by different types, including ingredients, cuisine, seasons, diets, temperatures and seasons. The only thing you need to do is to decide on your cooking preferences and set up certain modes.

E-chef is incredibly easy to operate. All the functions and options are completely understandable. Therefore, you can easily cook your favorite receipts in no time. The most demanding accessory from the culinary world can easily elevate your cooking to a higher level!

E-chef has been successfully tested by the global Electrolux Professional Chef Academy to ensure the best service.

Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill Accessories Prices

Our website offers a large number of various cooking and chill accessories developed to make the process of cooking much easier and quicker. Using modern technologies and creating customer-oriented design have always been the main benefits of Electrolux Professional machinery.

Maran Projekt GmbH is an official dealer of Electrolux Professional machinery. With a whopping experience of our 20 years, we are ready to offer excellent service to all over customers. We are ready to ship the orders globally within the shortest terms.

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