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Electrolux Professional Blast chillers crosswise

The innovative chilling process designed by Electrolux Professional is quite simple. Crosswise blast chillers offer a fully controlled process with increased flexibility in addition to excellent labor and time savings. Machines are created to chill food rapidly and store it at controlled temperatures. All Electrolux Professional blast chillers crosswise are equipped with highly efficient HACCP controls to ensure safe operations and adherence to the necessary chilling guidelines based on cooled foods. The ergonomic and highly productive range consists of:

  • Crosswise blast chillers 10 GN 1/1;
  • Crosswise blast chillers 20 GN 1/1;
  • Crosswise blast chillers 6 GN 1/1.

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers Crosswise

Implement Electrolux Professional blast chillers crosswise as a part of your kitchen operations to benefit from a high quality, increase profitability, and keep the nutritional value inside food products, thus making them look and taste better. Top-notch machines are designed to provide operators with the best results without wasting their time. That’s because food goes into blast chillers right from ovens, while automated air-o-check guarantees the right maintenance of set parameters under any conditions.

There are many innovative features that ensure the high efficiency of Electrolux Professional blast chillers crosswise.

  • Air-o-start without any need for pre-cooling;
  • Streamlined process, thanks to the increased durability of a compressor;
  • Air-o-start is activated automatically after 24 hours of air-o-chill inactivity;
  • Compressor oil is distributed evenly through all pipelines;
  • Guaranteed safety of both freezing and chilling cycles, even if core probes aren’t inserted correctly;
  • The correct insertion of core probes is verified and the right cycle is chosen accordingly;
  • Automatic holding at the temperature levels reached at the end of blast chilling;
  • Hard and soft chill options;
  • Special and highly efficient sensor core probes;
  • Probe-driven cycles are equipped with a unique algorithm for remaining time estimation to make the planning of all operations easier;
  • Control units with 2 large displays to read out such settings as a cycle countdown, core temperatures, time, service information, and alarms;
  • Any information about different operating models is recorded, including cycles, date, time, holding or core temperatures, HACCP accordance, and others;
  • Customizable cycles for all operating modes to allow operators to set the right air temperature and time;
  • Programs can be easily converted into specialized ice-cream cycles, such as holding and shape-maintaining;
  • Hard chilling and turbo cooling cycles;
  • Chiller works continuously at the right temperature to guarantee continuous production;

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers Crosswise Features

  • Holding for chilling is either automatically or manually activated when each cycle ends to maintain the right temperature and cut down energy expenses;
  • Soft chilling and blast chilling cycles;
  • The best performance guaranteed at all ambient temperatures;
  • Robust stainless steel construction;
  • Magnetic heated gaskets are easily removed;
  • Self-contained compressor;
  • Inner cell is seamless and hygienic because all corners are rounded for easy regular cleaning;
  • Swing hinged front panel for simplified service access to all components;
  • High-density and thick HCFC-free insulation;
  • No water connection is necessary;
  • Possibility to plumb waste water into the drain;
  • Ventilator swinging hinged panel to access and clean the evaporator;
  • Different cycles to suit all customer needs;
  • Probe-driven cycles and sensor core probes.

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers Crosswise Price

High-quality blast chillers are designed by Electrolux Professional to suit the needs of all modern kitchen applications. Use the reliable services of Maran Projekt GmbH if you want to benefit from these units. It’s an official distributor of Electrolux Professional equipment chosen by many consumers because of reasonable rates. Prices may vary based on specifications and units features. However, all consumers are sure to find a perfect fit for their available budget. Maran guarantees a fast delivery, customer satisfaction, and long-lasting service life.

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