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Electrolux Professional Tray Washers

The dishwashing range designed by Electrolux Professional represents the most effective and powerful units. High-quality machines are created to increase the productivity of different operations because they promote the continuous clean up. Electrolux Professional tray washers have different cycle times and large internal chambers.

The equipment guarantees great savings in water, labor, energy, and chemicals that prove fast payback times. There are many interesting features that ensure the increased functionality of tray washers. For example, unique ergonomically positioned controls allow operators to start 2, 4, or 6-minute cycles with one touch to wash different items. Electrolux Professional machines allow you to get the most out of your business operations while being extra green and clean.

Electrolux Professional Tray Washers

The high-performance tray washers crafted by Electrolux Professional provide consumers with excellent operation and functionality:

  • The best rinsing and washing operations;
  • Perfect complete sanitation;
  • Extra easy and safe;
  • Maximal ergonomics;
  • Versatile cycles (2,4, and 6 minutes);
  • Large internal chamber with a vast usable area;
  • Double filtration system;
  • Stainless steel pump filters and scrap trays;
  • Reliable results, thanks to robust stainless steel rinse arms and jets;
  • Solid and durable stainless steel construction;
  • Easy-to-maintain electromechanical design;
  • Comprehensive warranty;
  • Detergent and drain pumps with flexible connections;
  • Low hot water consumption;
  • Power wash zone to remove all the soil;
  • Steam or electric heated;
  • Right and left feeding versions;
  • Simple servicing from the front;
  • Final rinse that reuses clean water to get rid of any detergent trace;
  • Drying zone for efficient and fast drying;
  • Simple control panel;
  • Deep strainer boxes cover the entire width;
  • Integrated boiler to control the temperature of final rinse water;
  • Automatic stop and start function to switch off machines when not in use;
  • Integrated condensing unit to use the steam generated;
  • Reduced humidity and temperature of a hot-steam outlet;
  • Low energy, water, and detergent consumption;
  • Rinse and wash arms are easy to remove for regular cleaning;
  • Variable speed control to increase the washing capacity;
  • Stainless steel exterior finishes for easy cleaning;
  • Automatic tray loading from a special tray conveyor;
  • One cable for electrical connection;
  • Automatic unloading to lowerator;
  • Increased durability because of top-quality finishes;
  • Automatic controlled dishwashing;
  • Large counter balanced doors for simple access to drying and washing zones;
  • Acid-proof stainless steel wash tank with a sloping base and rounded corners for easy cleaning and added durability;
  • Double-skin doors with easy-to-grip handles and safety device;
  • Special lowerator station;
  • Tray buffer contains several trays;
  • Built-in water softener;
  • Atmospheric boiler with the air break;
  • Accepting different sizes of baskets;
  • WRAS approved;
  • Cost-efficient;
  • Allow users to have automatic control over loading speeds;
  • Supplied with heat pumps for the full heat recovery;
  • Convenient and eco-friendly design;
  • Low running costs;
  • Increased redundancy;
  • Great savings in the long run.

Electrolux Professional Tray Washers Price

Want to get tray washers designed by Electrolux Professional? Order machines from Maran Projekt GmbH because it’s an official distributor that guarantees outstanding results and top features. Prices on high-quality tray washers are reasonable and range from €46,099 to €48,284 according to such specifications as the weight and electrical power of units. They all ensure the best sanitizing and washing results, ergonomics, and high performance.

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