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Electrolux Professional Refrigeration

The role of refrigeration in the production processes of catering establishments is evident: the preservation of foodstuffs, the preservation of food structure and taste - these are the primary tasks of specialist kitchens, which can only be achieved with modern high-tech refrigeration.

One of the recognized market leaders in the production of commercial refrigerating equipment is the Swedish company Electrolux Professional, whose history of the manufacturer of restaurant equipment counts over a hundred years.

During the development of restaurant equipment, Swedish engineers are using the latest achievements in the field of scientific and technological progress as well as their own new developments, thereby creating unique solutions for maintaining the quality of fresh and frozen food.

Commercial refrigeration from Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional's refrigeration is widely represented in the delivery assortment of the authorized manufacturer, MARAN Projekt GmbH. We deliver:

Refrigerators and freezers

The classification in refrigerators and freezers is explained by the fact that the storage conditions of refrigerated and frozen food are different: refrigerated foodstuffs receive their properties in humid environments at a temperature of 2 ° C to + 10 ° C, but frozen foodstuffs in a dry environment At the temperature of -24 ° C to -15 ° C; Additional option - the system FrostWatch Control, which allows to preserve the storage conditions of food when the door opens frequently. Here you can buy a good professional fridge

Refrigerated and freezer counters

CONCEPT refrigeration counters, AU and PT 3 series tables (including upstand, remote), PT E ACTIVE counters, as well as refrigeration and freezer shelves.

Blast-chillers and blast-freezer

Innovative equipment, which together with the convection oven forms a system Cook & Chill (preparation, cooling and regeneration of food in a uniform system air-o-system).

Ice makers

Ice cube maker (for ice and ice) and flock ice maker.

The refrigeration from the world market leader is a guarantee that the work processes in the specialist kitchen are designed according to the highest quality standards (selection of optimal cooling / freezing cycles, perfect keeping of food and tadellose cooling of prepared food).

The equipment of trade marks Electrolux Professional is usually chosen by the best restaurants and renowned chef cooks. In Europe, the companies (restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.) who have chosen Swedish refrigeration equipment for their kitchens are growing: investments in Electrolux Professional equipment are the profitable investments in their own business!

Thanks to the possibility to purchase the equipment from a premium class through a dealer of the manufacturer, this solution is, among other things, affordable for worldwide consumers: As an authorized dealer, MARAN Projekt GmbH guarantees the lowest prices and the most favorable conditions of cooperation You can always ask our consultants).

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