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Electrolux Professional Industrial

Electrolux Professional industrial thermal equipment is designed for large catering enterprises: hotel restaurants, corporate canteens, hospitals, kitchen factories (including airports). Industrial thermal equipment is a profitable solution, the special requirements of a professional kitchen, high volumes of loading, high quality of dishes and high productivity of the kitchen.

ThermaIine Chilltherm cooking boilers, thanks to the built-in cooling system, allow you to cook, refrigerate, store and reheat the dish using just one device instead of a number of traditional kitchen units.

A wide range of Electrolux Professional industrial thermal equipment also includes crucible frying pans, digestion boilers, universal cookers, grilled salamanders and steamer-autoclaves.

Electrolux Professional Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Electrolux Professional industrial equipment caters to all the needs of industries, large hotels and restaurants, kitchen factories, corporate canteens, hospitals etc. This equipment are specially designed to handle all kinds of requirements in a professional kitchen including huge productivity, best quality food and huge volumes of loading etc. The all new range of cooking boilers allows you to cook, refrigerate, store and also reheat the food when needed using only one equipment. This enables a lot of space being saved in the kitchen along with lots of time and energy and also the Electrolux Professional cooking price is way better than its competitors. The Electrolux Professional industrial cooking equipment includes an extensive range including crucible frying pans, digestion boilers, universal cookers, grilled salamanders and steamer-autoclaves.

Electrolux Professional Steam Boiling Pans

The Electrolux Professional boiling pans are high performance equipment that is specially designed to handle huge capacity and high power and features motor tilting abilities along with a comfortable electronic control panel. The external panelling of the boiling pans along with the well, jacket and lids of the pans are made using high quality 304 AISI stainless steel and the bottom of the well is anti-corrosion treated and made using 316 AISI stainless steel.

  • The indirect heating system in the boiling pans enables the uniform heating of the food from the base and the side walls. This is done with the help of the jacket automatic de-aeration system that contains an integrally generated saturated steam at a temperature of 120°C.
  • The electronic control panel allows you to store upto 50 programs and the large display of the panel also enables for better visibility and ease of use.
  • Have complete control over all the functionalities of the equipment including starting, setting cooking time, temperature, water filling and even speed of the equipment.
  • It also allows appliances with smaller quantities of food, thanks to the curved pan base
  • Tall vessels can be easily filled as the pouring lip is high than other boiling pans
  • The heat inside the well of the boiling pans are always maintained at a certain temperature with the help of its high efficient heating technology.
  • The design of the boiling pans are extremely user friendly and ergonomically designed for easier handling.
  • Safe thanks to the high water protection IPX5 and the low temperature outside the panels.
  • Overpressure of the steam inside the jacket is avoided with the help of the safety valve

Electrolux Professional Salamanders

The Electrolux Professional Salamanders are made using high quality ANSI 304 stainless steel. The 8mm thick heating element on the top can be moved vertically open sides. It also features a temperature control with energy regulator. Cleaning is also easy with the salamanders as the chromed steel cooking grid and drip tray can be easily removed.

Electrolux Professional Industrial Fryers

The electric freestanding fryers are the ideal equipment every kitchen needs to cook various menus from time to time. It is a multi-purpose, compact and highly efficient industrial cooking equipment designed to meet all kinds of your frying needs.

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