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Electrolux Professional Ice Makers & Flakers

The innovative range of flakers and ice makers is designed by Electrolux Professional to meet all the sizes of catering facilities. It consists of impressive models that can produce many cubes and ice flakes per hour. The paddle system technology guarantees an optimal performance even if you have a hard water supply.

Increased ice productivity won’t be affected by limestone. The special spray system of Electrolux Professional ice makers & flakers produces solid and crystal clear flakes and ice cubes that melt slowly, so they don’t dilute drinks immediately.

Electrolux Professional Ice Makers & Flakers

The top-quality range can be categorized as the following groups:

  • Ice flakers;
  • Ice makers;
  • Ice makers for hollow cubes.

High-quality Electrolux Professional ice makers and flakers are designed to provide users with increased productivity because of ergonomic and efficient characteristics. Ice flakers are equipped with many interesting features.

  • Being modular, water-cooled, and granular;
  • Compliance to the highest safety requirements;
  • Robust collection bin is made of stainless steel;
  • Fully automated operations;
  • Food grade and durable interior;
  • Suitability only for a gravity drain;
  • Availability in water-cooled versions;
  • Rated output is set at ambient air and water supply temperature levels;
  • Standard plug and refrigerated type;
  • Robust stainless steel exterior to prolong a service life;
  • Crushing system and ice-making method guarantees hygienically pure and compact crushed ice resistant to fast melting;
  • Stainless steel spray arms are easy to remove without using any special tools;
  • Equipped with drain hoses and flexible water supply;
  • Adjustable feet for added convenience.

Professional Ice Makers & Flakers

Electrolux Professional ice makers & flakers are designed to produce ice cubes fast and efficiently. Highly efficient ice cubers guarantee a long-lasting and outstanding performance.

  • Equipped with a special collection bin;
  • Water-cooled versions are available;
  • Compact dimensions to make top-notch machines suitable for any kitchen space, especially if saving a space is a top priority;
  • Productivity and water consumption are calculated using basic ambient water temperatures;
  • Spray layering is the ice-making method that guaranteeing compact, crystalline, and hygienically pure ice cubes resistant to quick melting;
  • Meeting the highest international standards and safety requirements;
  • Producing the ice cube cone shape with trunk sides that are a bit squashed;
  • Fully automated operations;
  • Ability to function in a range of temperature levels;
  • Suitable for a gravity drain, so no pumps are required;
  • Guaranteed reliability due to the highest quality of construction materials, such as durable stainless steel, plastic flap, and others;
  • Sophisticated products and advanced technology;
  • Special inox sprayers are simple to take away, thus preventing any unwanted limestone formation and permitting flowing;
  • Standard plugs and internal ice cube containers;
  • Spray arms are made of stainless steel and are easily removed without using special tools.

Ice makers for hollow cubes are in high demand because of ergonomics, high quality, and increased functionality.

  • Highly efficient air-cooled units;
  • Equipped with a special collection bin;
  • Fully automated operations;
  • Ice-making method is designed to make ice cubes that cool different drinks down fast;
  • CE-marked and compliant with the highest international certification standards;
  • Compact dimensions to fit any location, especially if the available space is a problem;
  • Paddle system to produce compact and pure hollow ice cubes.

Electrolux Professional Ice Makers & Flakers Price

Even if you have a low budget, you’re still guaranteed to get reasonable rates when shopping for high-quality ice makers and flakers. That’s because Maran Projekt GmbH sets competitive prices on Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment. The final price paid by customers depends on a chosen model and its tech characteristics. They all are guaranteed to get the best quality, increased productivity, high hygiene levels, and other benefits. Save money while getting top-notch professional kitchen solutions from Maran.

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