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Electrolux Professional Servery Drop-In

High-quality drop-in units designed by Electrolux Professional offer the unbeatable reliability and versatility. The famous brand proudly represents the innovative range of versatile and durable display units that feature the best performance. The main objective is quite simple because the equipment integrates all the necessary functions in any furniture style with no limited choices.

The drop-in range of Electrolux Professional units consists of different types of units. Customers can choose from:

  • Refrigerated displays designed to last for a longer time and provide users with simple operations and excellent performance;
  • Humidified hot displays perfect for displaying and conserving the delicate foods that require the humid air, including sliced meat, sauces, rice, pasta, and steamed vegetables;
  • Neutral and accessory units.

Electrolux Professional Drop-In Units

Units are perfect for placing in the center of any room and modern consumers choose them because of the following benefits that ensure excellent functionality:

  • Toughened glass hood with integrated lighting;
  • Remote and static refrigeration;
  • Improved comfort levels;
  • Keeping operational noises down;
  • All parts are easy to remove for regular cleaning;
  • The highest level of hygiene;
  • Adjustable tank bottom to be used as tank displays and refrigerated trays;
  • Shelves with adjusted heights and angles for the best viewing of any food;
  • Clear visibility because of lights under all shelves;
  • Adapting to all possible display requirements;
  • The right conservation temperature level;
  • The ventilated refrigeration system;
  • Amply dimensioned channels in doors;
  • Excellent cooling performance;
  • The gentle air flow that never dries displayed food;
  • Unbeatable food conservation characteristics;
  • Digital control of display humidity and temperature;
  • Probes monitor temperature levels;
  • Automated water level control for the best food quality;
  • Automated refilling functions;
  • Suitability to be used on mobile furniture units;
  • Halogen lights that illuminate the displayed food;
  • Islands to display cutlery, bread, and other goods.

Electrolux Professional Drop-In Units Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable supplier of Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment worldwide. Order drop-in units from Maran and benefit from reliability, incredible functionality, fast delivery, and other benefits. Prices on professional drop-in units vary based on specifications, such as a particular type, model, size, and others. Whatever choice you make, you’re guaranteed to benefit from the vest quality and outstanding performance.

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