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Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers/Frosters

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers/Frosters make your life easier, and the kitchen work is more profitable and energy efficient due to process optimization, longer shelf-life of products and less waste.

Innovative Blast Chillers/Frosters are part of the Cook & Chill system. The Cook & Chill system is a process of cooking, cooling and regenerating dishes using a single system of air-o-system, including combi steamers and rapid cooling / freezing cabinets.

High technology, modular design and a new elegant design of Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers/Frosters are amazing.

Choosing the optimal cooling / freezing cycle guarantees perfect cooling and keeping the freshness of the cooked dishes.

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers/Frosters

Blast chillers and frosters are crafted by Electrolux Professional to make your like easier. Top-quality professional equipment makes the kitchen work more energy efficient and profitable because of:

  • Less food waste;
  • Longer shelf-life of all products;
  • Process optimization.

All innovative Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers/Frosters are parts of the famous Cook & Chill system. It’s a highly efficient process of cooling, cooking, and regenerating meals using a single air-o-system. The best-quality commercial kitchen equipment includes fast cooling and freezing cabinets, combi steamers chosen due to:

  • Modular design;
  • High technology;
  • Elegant solutions.

Choosing the optimal freezing or cooling cycle guarantees the freshness of all cooked meals. Productive commercial refrigeration is an important element of any cooking business. Order the right blast chiller or froster from Maran Projekt GmbH to ensure that all goods stay in the best condition, thus saving a lot of your money and time.

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers/Frosters

What makes frosters and blast chillers so efficient and popular? Check the following benefits that units have:

  • USB compatibility;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Produced and designed in ISO 14001 and 9001 certified factories;
  • Fans and motors with IP23 waterproof protection;
  • Evaporators with anticorrosion protection;
  • PC connectivity on a customer request;
  • Stand-alone printers as optional accessories;
  • No water connections required;
  • Eco-friendly units;
  • Inner cells with rounded and smooth corners for easy cleaning;
  • R404 used as refrigerant fluids;
  • Ventilator swinging hinged panel for easy access to evaporators and easy maintenance;
  • Removable magnetic gasket doors with extra-hygienic design;
  • Automated heated door frames;
  • Possibility to plumb waste water into the drain (it can also be collected in optional waste containers);
  • Thermostatic expansion valves to improve cooling efficiency;
  • Equipped with solenoid valves;
  • All major components are made of stainless steel;
  • Probes for blast chillers and freezers, trolleys, and other extra accessories;
  • The cruise cycle for fully automated blast chilling with food probes;
  • Manual and automatic defrost cycles;
  • Integrated refrigerated units;
  • Automatic detection of food probe insertions;
  • Turbo cooling functioning;
  • Blast chilling real-residual time estimation;
  • Special cooling cycles for ice-cream;
  • Digital time and temperature display;
  • Service alarms and HACCP with data logging;
  • Cyclopentane insulation;
  • Adjusting operating air temperature levels;
  • Hard and soft chilling;
  • Blast freezing and chilling;
  • Chillers can work continuously at desired temperature levels perfect for ongoing production;
  • Shock freezing;
  • Automatically activated temperature holding activated at the end of all cycles to maintain a target temperature and save energy;
  • Downloading probe and cavity temperatures, time and alarms;
  • Different operating settings.

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers/Frosters Price

Interested in using blast chillers and frosters? Maran Projekt GmbH offers the best answer to your shopping needs. The official Electrolux Professional distributor provides consumers with many benefits, including reasonable rates and outstanding servicing. Prices on frosters and blast chillers range from €3,183 to €10,032 according to a specific type, electrical power, and height. All Electrolux Professional units are of exceptional quality.

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