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Electrolux Professional Flight Type Dishwashers

Having a dishwasher in a professional kitchen shows that kitchen workers are working at an increased rate and have more time for other tasks, which there are plenty of in the kitchen. However, with an endless stream of empty plates, first and second courses, pots and pans, and other appliances that help chefs in their work (meat grinders, vegetable slicers, etc.) - it's hard to wash everything with one hand. It seems too tricky, uneconomical, and expensive because you spend an unlimited water flow, detergents.

Electrolux Professional Flight Type Dishwashers can solve all these problems because these machines are equipped with the most modern features that contribute to the quality and reliable operation, economy, and safety.

Electrolux Professional Flight Type Dishwashers

Main features:

  • An integrated energy-saving device (ESD) uses the hot steam produced by the machine in the rinse and wash tanks to heat incoming cold water to 55°C before it enters the boiler, saving energy
  • Coldwater in the prewash tank is delivered to both the upper and lower arms to pre-clean contaminated food, providing rinsing of coarse food particles and leftover liquids like gravy and dips from items
  • Main wash tanks water circulating at 55-65°C are circulated with a cleaning agent and sprayed on products from both top and bottom wash hoses, ensuring uniform distribution of the detergent solution and allowing the wash chambers to be closed
  • Rinsing area equipped with DUO rinsing system: the first rinsing arms with side nozzles are filled with recirculating rinsed water, then sprayed under high pressure in a specific pattern to remove most of the detergent traces. In contrast, the second arms are filled with water. Hot clear water at 82-90°C to guarantee the hygiene of the washed items
  • The operator can select two conveyor speeds through the control panel
  • A universal conveyor belt with 55mm finger spacing allows dishes to be loaded either directly onto the conveyor or using standard 500x500mm racks
  • IR light sensors are built into the loading section to quickly stop washing and rinsing when there are no dishes, effectively saving energy, water, detergent, and rinse aid
  • A 1000mm wide unloading section with an end-mounted limit switch automatically stops the conveyor to avoid damaging clean items if they are not removed in time
  • The machine is equipped with an emergency stop switch for filling and emptying sectors, that stop the conveyor at the press of a button if washed items have not been disposed of after cleaning
  • Flat-panel with easy operation and display of all temperatures
  • Large, counterbalanced viewing doors provide unrestricted all-around access to the prewash, wash, rinse, and drying areas. In addition, double-walled doors add strength and reduce noise and heat loss
  • All major components are high-strength, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel: outer front, side, rear panels, inner chamber, flush and sleeves, tank filters, doors
  • Deep-drawn stamped tanks with fully rounded corners to prevent dirt buildup provide quick drainage. In addition, stamped tanks with no welds provide guaranteed water tightness
  • Dual tank filters (flat and small filter) cover the entire width of the tank
  • Flush/rinse hoses and filters are easily removed for cleaning

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