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Electrolux Professional Modular Cooking thermaline Modular 85

The Thermaline modular cooking appliances are designed by Electrolux Professional to help customers create a perfect kitchen.

Electrolux Professional cooking Thermaline modular 85 appliances are made to measure. High-quality units meet the highest requirements of professional kitchens and offer the latest technology and ergonomic designs.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 85

The ergonomic and efficient range includes:

  • Bain maries and aquacookers;
  • Chargrill and chip-scuttle tops;
  • Deep-fat fryers;
  • Electric-solid and free-cooking tops;
  • French and fry tops;
  • Induction cookers with a full surface;
  • Gas-burner and infrared tops;
  • Induction and pasta cookers;
  • Multi-braisers;
  • Sink units;
  • Warming plates;
  • Water-mixing and work tops;

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 85

Electrolux Professional cooking Thermaline modular 85 is the most flexible system that provides users with multiple configurations. There are many core values that inspired Electrolux Professional to create this system, including a special attention to clients, strong passion for innovations, and genuine belief in increased sustainability.

The high-quality range offers the highest quality, state-of-art technology, easy-to-use kitchen appliances, innovative design solutions, and other unique features. The elegance of machines can easily fit into limited spaces without sacrificing attractiveness, cleanliness, and performance. When talking about the reliability of Electrolux Professional cooking Thermaline modular 85 appliances, it’s supported and proven by many positive customer reviews.

  • Both cooling and heating without fossil fuels;
  • Innovative geothermal system with increased sutainability;
  • Closed-heat exchange technology to reduce regular energy consumption and carbon emissions into the environment;
  • The innovative system uses a sustainable lighting system;
  • The latest laser-cutting equipment that also contributes to reduced energy consumption;
  • Improved working conditions and optimized production quality.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 85 Features

The high-quality modular cooling system designed by Electrolux Professional is unique in its kind because it’s hardworking and robust, expandable and adaptable. It allows operators to benefit from ultimate flexibility and ergonomics. No matter of a new menu or operating requirements, cooking blocks can be easily adapted and expanded based on specific needs, even with highly efficient boiling and braising pans.

  • Increased durability and modularity to guarantee a perfect fit;
  • Strong internal frame highly resistant to corrosion or unwanted bumps;
  • Durable and thick stainless steel construction with withstand regular wear and tear and prolong a service life;
  • Unique chassis ensures structural reliability in all professional kitchen installations;
  • Being the most flexible modular cooking solution available in multiple configurations;
  • Ability to perform a wide range of cooking functions;
  • High-productivity kitchens require many cooking tops, and free-cooking models allow operators to use both pans and pots to cook meals directly on contact;
  • Guaranteed flexibility, energy efficiency, and outstanding cooking results;
  • Designed with impeccable finishing;
  • Seamless connection between all cooking functions to avoid a liquid infiltration and ensure the highest hygiene level;
  • Increased safety and simplicity at your service;
  • Simplified use, cleaning, maintenance, and operating;
  • Non-slip silicone knobs are stable in forms and heat-resistant;
  • Lase-printed icons are easily visible, resistant to corrosion, detergent-friendly, and designed to avoid bacteria and germs proliferation;
  • Worry-free professional kitchen functions;
  • Wells have raised drip edges to prevent detergents, oils, or liquids from flowing from the top and guarantee safety and hygiene;
  • The highest level of protection and corrosion resistance;
  • Meeting the highest international standards;
  • Seamless connection system for deep, fast, and easy regular cleaning;
  • Smart design to protect highly efficient kitchen appliances from dirt;
  • Maximal efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 85 Advantages

Top-quality free-cooking tops can be used for different preparations that involve a direct contact and cookware. Units are equipped with a deep-drawn drainage and come with 2-4 cooking zones.

  • Integrated stand-by function decreases power automatically if there’s no pot on a surface area;
  • 8 temperature sensors for the most effective temperature control and monitoring;
  • Unique Ecotop alloy of steel cooking plates to ensure increased efficiency and reduced heat propagation;
  • All you need to do to use different temperature zones effective is to move pots;
  • Full-surface induction;
  • Convenient system that guarantees safety during both regular cleaning and use.

Electrolux Professional Cooking Thermaline Modular 85 Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is your ultimate solution when shopping for the best offers on the Thermaline modular 85 range of kitchen appliances. The reliable company distributes the professional kitchen equipment designed by Electrolux Professional worldwide. It sets reasonable prices on all high-quality and ergonomic units. The final price that you’ll pay depends on different factors, such as the chosen units and their specifications. No matter of your choice, you get the best performance and high efficiency in all kitchen applications.

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