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Electrolux Professional Modular Cooking

Outstanding efficiency, the broadest possible combination of modules, sophisticated design and care for the environment. With Electrolux Professional you will achieve amazing results.

Electrolux Professional modular cooking equipment is a full range of thermal equipment, represented by several product lines that meet the needs of a wide range of hospitality industry enterprises. We offer the widest choice of gas and electric heat equipment, which you can learne on the pages of this section.

Electrolux Professional equipment is always a guarantee of an excellent result.

Electrolux Professional Modular Cooking

Over 70 years of experience in providing high quality modular cooking equipments, Electrolux Professional has been induced new life into the modular cooking industry with the launch of the new 700xp and 900xp series. Electrolux Professional has been the market leader in providing equipments that guarantee energy efficiency and sustainability for decades. The new range of Electrolux Professional cooking equipment includes the PowerGrillHP with radiant heating, Ref-Freezer base, large surface Fry TopHP, pasta cookers with energy controls and tilting braising pans etc.

The all new Electrolux Professional modular cooking equipment provides you with outstanding efficiency, the largest possible combination of modules, ultra-modern design and high-quality build for the kitchens to achieve extraordinary results in cooking. Get surprised at the Electrolux Professional cooking price range as all the equipments are offered at affordable costs. Electrolux Professional modular cooking equipment is a full range of thermal equipment, represented by several product lines that meet the needs of a wide range of hospitality industry enterprises. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the 700xp and 900xp range of Electrolux Professional cooking equipment.

Electrolux Professional 700xp Modular Cooking Series

The Electrolux Professional 700xp series of modular equipments caters to all requirements of hotels, restaurants and fast foods to a great extent. The hi-profile modular thermal equipments saves a lots of space, energy and even resources to please every chef in the kitchens. All modular cooking equipments were specially designed after years of research and development to meet the everyday demands of the people in the kitchen by improving the cooking efficiency and productivity to a great extent.

  • All products come with an extensive Electrolux Professional 700xp manual to enable users to understand about the product and procedures to assemble and use the product effectively.
  • When you compare the Electrolux Professional 700xp price with other similar range of products from other companies, you’ll highly surprised with the affordable range of Electrolux Professional 700 series.
  • Gas pasta cookers models available with finely controllable temperature
  • Cooking times are reduced by upto 50% with the split-level gas convection ovens.

Electrolux Professional 900xp Modular Cooking Series

Electrolux Professional 900xp offers complete kitchen solutions with its high quality products and you can be 100% guaranteed of increased productivity and sustainability. These new series of equipments provides the people in the kitchen with immense flexibility, added power and extreme ease of use which they were always looking with Electrolux Professional. Chefs and staff at popular restaurants and hotels recommend the use of Electrolux Professional products as they feel that these products provide them with the level of comfortability than any other products. These products also helps them in saving lots of energy, resources and space.

  • The new 1200 mm hot-plate cooker provides unrivaled cooking quality and high productivity, and, while maintaining the set temperature, is always ready for use.
  • Exclusive gas burners of the petal flame are flexibility in use and high efficiency. Thanks to the unique design of the burners, the flame is precisely adjusted to the utensils of any diameter.
  • The new Electrolux Professional 900XP gas convection oven improves kitchen performance thanks to the ability to cook in GN 2/1 containers at once on two levels.

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