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Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Touchline Convection Ovens

The new Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Touchline Injection Oven provides a simple and intuitive cooking process, as well as consistently high-quality repeatable results in any professional kitchen: in bistros and in small restaurants, supermarkets, and school kitchen factories.

To make any, even the most complex menu, you will need just 2 easy steps: touch the high resolution sensor control panel and select the desired recipe. Air-o-convect Touchline will do the rest.

Adapt the cooking mode to your own tasks by selecting the desired humidity level. Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Touchline are the only injection combi steamers that maintain the humidity in the working chamber at a given level thanks to a high-performance instantaneous steam generation system.

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Touchline Convection Ovens

The innovative ovens designed by Electrolux Professional guarantee a completely intuitive and simple cooking process. All users also get consistent top-quality outcomes in any commercial kitchen, including small restaurants, bistros, school factories, supermarkets, and others. All you need to do is taking a few easy steps to cook the most complicated menu:

  • Touching a high resolution display control panel;
  • Choosing the required recipe.

Electrolux Professional ovens will do everything else. Feel free to adjust cooking modes to specific tasks by setting the necessary humidity level. Both electric and gas nits are equipped with special injection steamers to maintain the right humidity in a cooking chamber, thanks to the high-performance system that generates steam.

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect

All-in-one ovens let you say goodbye to cooking complications. They offer a completely new experience of simplicity. The top-quality units crafted by Electrolux Professional ensure an intuitive and simple way of cooking that satisfies the needs of the most demanding commercial kitchens. You can use convection ovens to grill, fry, bake, braise, and perform other functions. Set different humidity levels if you want to personalize all cooking processes. Touchline units are all you need, thanks to precision and high capacity.

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Touchline Convection Ovens

What guarantees the high functionality of kitchen equipment? Check the following excellent features:

  • Replicate excellent;
  • User-friendly programmability;
  • Storing up to 1000 recipes in the memory and repeating them;
  • Multi-phase cooking cycles (16 different phases) to improve a performance and achieve the best food quality;
  • Make-it-mine function to personalize all user interface details;
  • Customized configurations can be locked with a unique password and downloaded to your USB key for simple replication;
  • Increased profits and reduced running costs;
  • Fully automated cleaning with 4 pre-set cycles;
  • New green function;
  • Optimized use of water, electricity, and rinse aid;
  • Bi-functional fan with variable speed that directs the heated air into a cooking chamber to ensure a precise cooking process;
  • Sensor core temperature probes;
  • The dry-hot convection cycle perfect for low-humidity cooking;
  • Automated moistener for boiler-less generation of steam;
  • Hold function to keep meals warm at the end of each cycle;
  • Manual and automated fast cooling activation when switching from higher to lower temperatures;
  • HACCP data management;
  • Durable stainless steel construction.

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Touchline Price

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