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Electrolux Professional Utensil Washers

The new range of WTU utensil washers designed by Electrolux Professional offers perfect space-saving and multipurpose solutions.

Electrolux Professional utensil washers are suitable for a wide range of items, including pizza plates, containers, and different kitchen utensils in addition to standard cutlery, plates, and glasses.

Electrolux Professional Utensil Washers

Use high-quality and ergonomic utensil washing machines to benefit from the highest hygiene levels, versatility, and constant results. They are perfect for all operators because of the best design features. Electronic controls have modified rinse and wash temperatures and times. The range is suitable for any modern kitchen because it saves more space and cuts down energy costs.

Electrolux Professional Utensil Washers Features

  • Different basket capacities for improved results;
  • A great choice of either atmospheric or pressure rinsing;
  • Special booster waiting device to continue washing until rinsing water has a sanitization temperature;
  • Maximal crockery sanitization because of constant rinse water temperatures;
  • Push button for a fully automated self-cleaning cycle;
  • Round tank with no dirt traps;
  • Excellent washing results because of a high-power wash pump;
  • A large water tank to guarantee a lot of clean water to last a complete dishwashing session;
  • Robust stainless steel rinse and wash arms and nozzles;
  • Double-skin durable construction with sound-deadening insulation;
  • Smooth closing and opening counter-balanced door;
  • Visual and audible alarms when every cycle is finished to allow operators to avoid watching over machines;
  • Perfect working heights for basket unloading and loading;
  • Safe and long-term investment;
  • Integrated pressure boiler;
  • No external booster required;
  • Automated fault-diagnosis system;
  • Drain pump for fast installation;
  • Easy to clean and use.

Electrolux Professional Utensil Washers Price

Maran Projekt GmbH offers the best prices on the high-quality utensil washers designed by Electrolux Professional. If you want to end up with great savings and enjoy ergonomic and highly efficient washing machines, Maran is your ultimate answer.

Prices on washers vary based on the chosen model and tech specifications. Electrolux Professional guarantees that consumers get the best quality, ergonomic design, solid construction, and other benefits, no matter of the chosen model. Maran delivers all orders fast while ensuring that there are no hidden costs involved.

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