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Electrolux Professional Dough Sheeters

Electrolux Professional is convinced that being competitive on the modern market and anticipating all customer requirements is the most effective approach. When it’s a matter of service, marketing, design, and production of professional dough sheeters, Electrolux Professional considers customer desires, requests, and opinions when driving actions and developing products.

Electrolux Professional dough sheeters are everything you need in terms of the highest quality, excellent performance, and high efficiency. Order the best machines from Maran Projekt GmbH to improve the functionality of your kitchen. Dough sheeters have a range of innovative features that make them the most efficient and reliable units. They come as manual and motorized to suit the needs of all buyers. Learn more about the functionality of each type.

Electrolux Professional Dough Sheeters

Manual dough sheeters are easy and compact to move. Machines come with removable stainless steel slides and Teflon-coated cylinders. Motorized dough sheeters designed by Electrolux Professional have the following features:

  • Teflon-coated removable slides to facilitate dough sliding;
  • Special wire-safety screen;
  • Chrome-plated steel cylinders can be adjusted based on the necessary dough thickness;
  • Manual level for inverting cylinder rotation;
  • Remote foot pedal to alter a rolling direction;
  • Flour container is fixed on the top;
  • Asynchronous motor for a longer service life and silent operating.

Motorized models are divided into several special categories that have specific characteristics. For example, motorized belt dough sheeters offer:

  • Fixed and variable speeds;
  • Wire gratings with a safety micro-switch to stop a motor when being raised over a specific level;
  • Tables are easy to raise to save more space;
  • Different working widths;
  • Remote foot pedal for changing a rolling direction;
  • Teflon-coated slides are easy to remove and facilitate sliding;
  • Manual level for inverted cylinder rotation;
  • Chrome-plated cylinders that can be adjusted based on dough thickness;
  • Flour container on the top;
  • Asynchronous motor for low noise levels and improved durability.

Electrolux Professional designs motorized dough sheeters for table use, but machines can be mounted on a special mobile stand:

  • Solid cylinders are easy to regulate;
  • Rolling direction is easy to invert by moving a joystick;
  • Chromium-plated steel rollers;
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning;
  • Slides are easy to disassemble and have a non-sticking coating;
  • Lower and upper roller scrapers are easy to remove;
  • Safety grating had a safety micro-switch to avoid accidental injuries;
  • Emergency stop button with a manual restart and lock for guaranteed safety;
  • Remote foot pedal for changing rolling direction.

Motorized dough sheeters for small operations:

  • Motor stops when gratings are raised to any dangerous level;
  • Designed to spread pastry for all kinds of food preparations;
  • Suitable for pasta shops, bakeries, and pizzerias;
  • Removable inclined stainless steel flaps;
  • Chromium-plated steel rollers;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Easy cleaning and high levels of hygiene;
  • Safety grids are hinged to the main structure;
  • Emergency stop button for extra safety.

Electrolux Professional Dough Sheeters Price

Searching for the best dough sheeters? Order the professional machines designed by Electrolux Professional from Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official distributor of the famous brand that guarantees high functionality and superb performance to all consumers. The prices set by Maran on efficient dough sheeters are quite reasonable and range from €1,137 to €5,374 based on specifications. Whatever machine you choose, all of your customer expectations will be exceeded.

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