Electrolux Finishing Equipment

Discover all the benefits offered by professional finishing equipment designed by Electrolux to make customers happy.

Electrolux understands that all laundry operations are unique, and they have special requirements in terms of output, quality, and types of textiles processed.

Customized finishing solutions offered by Electrolux meet the necessary requirements of laundry operations, thus making the whole process simple and efficient.

Electrolux Professional Finishing Equipment

There are many Electrolux professional finishing equipment options to choose from:

  • Finishing cabinets;
  • Trouser toppers;
  • Shirt finishers;
  • Wet cleaning solutions;
  • Vacuum-blowing options;
  • Multi-finishers;
  • Traditional form finishers;
  • Rotary finishing cabinets;
  • Dry work presses and much more.

Electrolux Finishing Equipment

Benefit from the know-how that makes a huge difference in finishing results. Electrolux total laundry solutions are designed to support and optimize any laundry operation. They offer efficient and consistent finishing for shirts, including:

  • Blown finishers;
  • Ironing tables;
  • Cuff and collar presses;
  • Cabinet shirt presses;
  • Cabinet sleevers.

Such fully automated shirt-finishing systems as collar and cuff presses and shirt finishers offer efficient and fast finishing to all users. Professional equipment uses powerful hot-air blowing to inflate shirts to their natural shape and dry fabrics fast. Combined with mechanical tensioning and steam injection, this feature guarantees a consistent and perfect finish. All units are equipped with a special programmable microprocessor control to regulate the whole process based on a particular fabric type and moisture retention. They are easy to use, even if you’re an unskilled operator. Electrolux systems ensure consistency and high output because users can process about 40 shirts each hour.

Electrolux Laundry Finishing Equipment

Top-notch collar and cuff presses are designed for the best finishing of any shirt type. They ensure the efficient and fast setting of shirts because of vacuum operation, which delivers fast drying too. Presses are easy to clean, thanks to a durable stainless steel head. Get optimal pressing of different fabrics due to variable pressing control. Besides, a special head-release timer guarantees a consistent finishing quality and improves efficiency.

Electrolux tensioning shirt finishers are created for a high-quality finish. They can process shirts of any sizes and fabrics. Take advantage of easy shirt positioning because of a vacuum body. User-friendly control boards can store different programs. There is a reduced need to touch because of a heated front hem clamp.

Electrolux professional equipment helps users increase their output while ensuring a top quality by offering perfect finishing and laundry solutions based on individual needs. Available options also include leg shape presses, trouser toppers, and much more.

Electrolux Professional Finishing Equipment Price

When shopping for the top-notch finishing equipment produced by Electrolux, choose Maran Projekt GmbH because it’s an official distributor worldwide. Prices on finishing equipment vary based on different factors, such as a particular model and specifications. They all are competitive, so consumers with any budget can afford buying effective laundry solutions. Improve your performance and increase a customer base with Electrolux equipment.

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