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Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezers lengthwise

There are many innovative features present in the range of Electrolux Professional freezers. Air-o-chill machines are equipped with turbo cooling, cruise, and ice cream cycles.

For example, the cruise cycle automatically adjusts working temperatures based on a food type to reduce a chilling time and prevent any possible burns.

Take advantage of top-notch machines designed to improve kitchen operations.

Electrolux Professional Air-o-Chill/Freezers Lengthwise

The range of Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezers lengthwise includes the following:

  • Air-o-chill/freezers 10 GN 1/1;
  • Air-o-chill/freezers 10 GN 2/1;
  • Air-o-chill/freezers 6 GN 1/1;
  • Air-o-chill/freezers 20 GN 1/1;
  • Air-o-chill/freezers 20 GN 2/1.

Soft chilling air temperature settings are perfect for such delicate food products as seafood, cut or leafy vegetables, pastries, small meat portions, biscuits, small cakes, and pasta. The hard chilling air temperature provided by Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezers lengthwise for all firm or solid foods, including soups, grown underground vegetables, sauces, stocks, casseroles and stews, whole meat joints, and poultry.

Shock freezing air temperature levels are great for all types of food, including fully or half cooked and raw, if it must be stored for a long period of time. The holding cycle is automatically activated at the end of each phase to maintain the necessary temperature and save energy. You can also activate this functional manually to turn highly efficient machines into storage freezers or refrigerators.

Electrolux Professional Air-o-Chill/Freezers Lengthwise Features

When it comes to the turbo cooling of Electrolux Professional air-o-chill/freezers lengthwise, this function alarms operators to set the right working temperature indicated for bulk or continuous production. Different customizable programs are provided for the best unit performance.

  • All cycles can be easily replaced by ice-cream hold, freeze, or turbo cooling modes;
  • Many advanced functions;
  • Intelligent defrost cycle is automatically or manually activated when it’s needed and for as long as you want;
  • The manual start of a defrost function;
  • UV sterilizing, thanks to integrated UV lamps for sterilizing a cooling chamber after each use;
  • Core probe selector to allow operators to closely monitor the temperature of different core probes inserted in different food types or sizes;
  • Norms profile selection is a helpful function for choosing reference norms;
  • Possibility to create the third profile to match specific customer or local regulations;
  • Setting a variety of parameters, including customer profile limits, time and date, bactericide cycle time, alarms, and HACCP options;
  • Operational alarms recall;
  • HACCP recalls to store all events in the unit memory;
  • Calling up the operational events registered by a special auto-diagnostic system;
  • USB connection to download important HACCP data and upload customized programs without using any specific software;
  • Excellent performance guaranteed by Electrolux Professional;
  • Top-notch blast chilling and freezing cycles;
  • HCFC-free, thick, and high-density insulation;
  • Possibility to download such details as cavity or probe temperature levels, time, and alarms;
  • Cruise cycle to set the parameters necessary for faster and better chilling;
  • Turbo cooling to work continuously at the temperature ideal for ongoing production;
  • Audible alarms starting when any cycle terminates or ends abnormally;
  • Evaporator with efficient corrosion protection;
  • Waterproof fan and motors;
  • Inner cell with rounded corners for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Electrolux Professional Air-o-Chill/Freezers Lengthwise Price

If you want to get the air-o-chill range of lengthwise freezers designed by Electrolux Professional, turn to Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official distributor of professional kitchen equipment created to meet all customer requirements. The best part is that you can get top-notch freezers at quite competitive rates. They vary based on unit types and their features, so any consumer is sure to find a perfect match, no matter of a budget. Electrolux Professional guarantees increased productivity, ergonomics, hygiene, and great energy savings.

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