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Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Combi Ovens

Thanks to the most effective use of steam and innovative technologies, Electrolux Professional air-o-steam convection ovens are ideal for preparing any type of food and products. High-performance steam generator guarantees constant readiness for work, fast and timely delivery of steam and high quality of dishes.

Steaks? No problems, each time they will turn out deliciously juicy and with a wonderful roast crust.
Vegetables? Invariably bright, tasty and fragrant.
Bakery products? Here they are, tender bread with crispy crust and lush, juicy cupcakes.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam combi-ovens - the ideal solution, if you need ease of use and high performance.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Combi Ovens

Popular ovens crafted by Electrolux Professional use the innovative steam technology. They are perfect for cooking any meal or recipe, thanks to innovative technologies and the efficient usage of steam. They guarantee timely and fast steam delivery, constant readiness to work, and top-quality of meals. High-performance electric and gas units are your perfect solutions if you’re looking for ease of use.

Highly efficiency steam generator ensures that units are always ready to function, cook good-quality dishes, and deliver the necessary steam fast. You can cook the most delicious steaks, bakery products, and vegetables in the innovative ovens equipped with a number of innovative features that guarantee high efficiency and other benefits. Units have the precise control of air circulation and humidity in a cooking chamber.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Combi Ovens

You can set the right humidity level for the best results even when cooking with the dry forced air. The increased oven capacity and the innovative airflow system improve cooking results. Learn how to use different cooking modes to get the greatest benefits.

By adjusting humidity levels in combi cooking modes, you fine tune end results. Any food consists of a lot of water, so different humidity factors should be considered. Electrolux Professional air-o-steam combi ovens have the patented humidity-control system to provide commercial kitchens with the most delicious food each time when in use.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Combi Ovens

The innovative ovens designed and manufactured by Electrolux Professional are chosen by many consumers because of their high efficiency and functionality:

  • Convenient and functional steamer;
  • High resolution touch screen control panel in multiple languages;
  • True humidity control based on the Lambda sensor to provide consistent results, no matter of the work load;
  • Hot-air cycles to exhaust any excess moisture generated by food;
  • Dedicated steam generator for an ongoing supply of fresh steam;
  • Extra moisture is added by the manual water injection;
  • Integrated cleaning system with several automated and pre-set cycles;
  • Different cooking modes (manual, automated, and programmed);
  • Green cleaning functions set to save water, rinse, aid and energy;
  • 16-phase programs and 1000 saved recipes that can be grouped in specific categories for future pre-set meals;
  • USB connectivity;
  • Automated pre-cooking and pre-heating;
  • Pulse ventilation, half speed, and half power controls;
  • Bi-functional fan to ensure even cooking;
  • Reliable food probes with different temperature sensors;
  • Durable double-glass doors with book-like openings to keep a cook external temperature;
  • Built-in drip pan to collect excess moisture and avoid wet floors;
  • AISI stainless steel side panels and solid construction;
  • Halogen lights in a cooking chamber;
  • Set parameters manually for customized cooking;
  • Automated settings, thanks to the ability of ovens to select appropriate humidity and temperature levels, time and cooking climate;
  • Up to 70 MultiTimer programs can be saved in the memory;
  • Food safety control monitors the entire cooking process and its compliance with the highest HACCP standards;
  • Make-it-mine features to personalize interface settings and block deleting or editing of all stores programs;
  • Decreased power cycle.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam combi ovens offer traditional cooking cycles:

  • Dry-hot convection is ideal for low-humidity cooking;
  • Steam cycle is great for different vegetables and seafood;
  • Low temperature steam cycle is designed for vacuum packed defrost and delicate cooking;
  • Combination cycle is perfect for humidity-controlled cooking.

Extra automated cycles are also available:

  • LTC to maximize food quality and minimize weight loss;
  • Proofing cycle to create perfect proofing conditions;
  • Reheating cycle to fast reheat food.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Combi Ovens Price

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