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Electrolux Professional Cold Rooms

The top-notch cold rooms designed by Electrolux Professional are available in a range of functions and sizes to suit all customer needs. All highly efficient units are manufactured to work in tropical temperature levels.

Electrolux Professional cold rooms defrost via heated gas with the re-evaporation of defrosted water. Innovative technology guarantees the reduction of used energy, thus providing operators with such benefits as limited warming of spaces and shorter defrosting times.

Electrolux Professional Cold Rooms

  • Built-in cold rooms (18-20°C);
  • Built-in cold rooms (-2+2°C);
  • Remote cold rooms (-18-20°C);
  • Remote cold rooms (-2+2°C);
  • Shelving sets for cold rooms;
  • Accessories for premium cold rooms.

Electrolux Professional cold rooms are designed for all kinds of kitchen applications because of unique features and settings. The best part is that their installation doesn’t require any professional refrigeration knowledge or skills. When it comes to remote versions, they offer increased productivity and better ergonomics.

  • Very fast assembly time;
  • Semi-recessed doors;
  • Anti-slip walk-in floor;
  • Rounded external and internal corners and radiused edges for easy regular cleaning;
  • Conforming to the highest hygiene and safety standards;
  • CE-marked;
  • Fast-fit centering system for a perfect alignment of all panels;
  • New fasteners made of resistant composite materials to provide users with the best grip of all parts;
  • HACCP monitoring through a special serial port available on each model;
  • Equipped with the internal waterproof lighting mounted on a refrigerated unit panel;
  • Control panel is easy to use and includes: internal light and luminous switches, defrost cycle and cold room functioning indicators;
  • Thermostat and temperature controls with a digital display;
  • Floor surface where high-quality cold rooms will be placed must be levelled if there are any irregularities;

Cold Rooms Features

  • Innovative vacuum injection technology to guarantee enhanced and significant results in addition to the highest quality;
  • Efficient defrosting through heated gas;
  • Re-evaporation of defrosted water to reduce energy costs, defrosting times, and warming of cold rooms;
  • Airtight panels with PVC gaskets on all sides to ensure secure and airtight fitting;
  • No other sealing between panels;
  • Low and high temperature alarms;
  • Right-hinged doors;
  • Smooth rounded profiles, airtight magnetic gaskets, cam-lift action hinges, and high insulation to reduce regular operating and energy costs;
  • When a door is opened, a special micro-switch switches on internal lights automatically and turns on a cooling fan;
  • Innovative handles with interior safety release and lock to prevent entrapment;
  • Panels cladded both outside and inside with anti-scratch steel;
  • PVC coating, thick foam insulation, and HCFC-free.

Built-in Electrolux Professional cold rooms offer high efficiency and quality.

  • Touch panel and a temperature controller;
  • Rounded external and internal corners for easy cleaning;
  • Fast installation times with no expert refrigeration knowledge or experience;
  • Fast-fit centering system to align all panels perfectly;
  • High-resistant materials to guarantee the best grip of components;
  • Meeting the highest safety and hygiene international requirements;
  • Serial port for HACCP monitoring;
  • Equipped with internal lights installed on a panel;
  • Control panel is intuitive and easy to use;
  • Different settings, including indicators for cold room functioning and defrost cycling;
  • Improved performance and quality, thanks to advanced vacuum injection technology.

Electrolux Professional Cold Rooms Price

If you need a highly efficient refrigerated solution for your kitchen, think about ordering top-quality cold rooms. They are manufactured by Electrolux Professional and distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH to provide consumers with ergonomic and productive solutions. The prices set by Maran are highly competitive because it’s an official Electrolux Professional distributor. The company gives all the necessary guarantees, including customer protection, money-back policy, fast delivery, and much more. You’ll end up with great savings while using cold rooms.

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