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Electrolux Professional Food Preparation

Electrolux Professional food preparation equipment is a guarantee of quality, speed and efficiency.

Appreciate the unsurpassed dynamics of preparation of foods. Mechanical equipment opens unlimited possibilities for culinary creativity.

Using this equipment, create masterpieces: exquisite oil with fresh herbs, stunning hummus, refreshing gazpacho. Cut fruit and vegetables, mix and homogenize large volumes of products, discover the sweet side of pastry craftsmanship. Our equipment will help you with this.

Thanks to the unique design, Electrolux Professional food preparation equipment is easy to keep clean. Working parts are easily removable and suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

Electrolux Professional Food Preparation Equipment

The professional food preparation equipment offered by Electrolux Professional serves as a guarantee of high efficiency, speed, and quality. Feel free to benefit from the unsurpassed dynamics of preparing different foods with Electrolux Professional. Top-quality mechanical equipment offers unlimited possibilities in terms of culinary creativity.

Use food preparation machines to create true culinary masterpieces, such as stunning hummus, exquisite oil with fresh herbs, and refreshing gazpacho. Units allow users to mix and homogenize a high volume of products at once, cut vegetables and fruits, and discover a sweet side of pastry craftsmanship. Highly efficient food preparation equipment can help you do all that.

Thanks to the unique and innovative design, food preparation machines are easy to clean regularly. All working parts are easy to remove and suitable to wash in dishwashers. The Electrolux Professional range consists of:

  • Food processors;
  • Dough sheeters;
  • Dough kneaders;
  • Standard mixers;
  • Meat mincers;
  • Planetary mixers;
  • Slicers;
  • Multi-purpose peeling machines;
  • Vegetable washers and spin dryers;
  • Vegetable slicers and manual slicers.

Electrolux Professional Food Preparation Equipment

You can mix, slice, and cut with a wide range of food preparation machines, including food processors, vegetable slicers, meat mincers, chopping blocks, and others.

Professional vegetable slicers are available in different models, both freestanding and table-top. They all work continuously to provide users with high productivity. Machines are equipped with hoppers for long and large vegetables to fit all consumer needs. Order them to benefit from outstanding performance, high productivity, extreme sturdiness, and superior quality.

Electrolux Professional food processors are designed to texture modified meal solutions. They are high powered and made to last for a long time. Machines are perfect for both professional chefs and average users. They can mince, chop, blend, and grind all the preparations required by a recipe. The safe storage of blades is granted by a wall-mounted blade holder. All units come with an ergonomic and waterproof control panel. They are 100% dishwasher-safe while providing silent operations for different heavy jobs with a powerful and compact induction motor.

Portable mixers offer excellent functionality and superb quality:

  • Smart speed control;
  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • Easy cleaning of all parts;
  • Getting the most out of ingredients;
  • Suitable for different soups, creams, vegetable purees, sauces, mousse, and pancake batters.

Professional turbo liquidizers are designed by Electrolux Professional to withstand the intensive regular use of liquidizing, mixing, and emulsifying of large quantities of fish and vegetable soups, liquid pastries, vegetable purees, and sauces in a cooking container directly.

Meat mincers are made to be a perfect fit to any modern kitchen size. They allow users to mince meat and grate bread, nuts, and cheese in an effortless and fast way. The stainless steel body is durable to add more reliability and strength.

Electrolux Professional Food Preparation Equipment Price

The food preparation Equipment range designed by Electrolux Professional is distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s a reliable company that sets competitive prices on all professional machines and offers a number of extra benefits to all consumers. When you order any food preparation unit crafted by Electrolux Professional from Maran, you will benefit from customer safety, fast delivery, low prices, the necessary guarantees, and the highest quality.

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