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Electrolux Professional Tumble dryers

Electrolux Professional provides excellent and care in servicing, design, planning, and technology with advanced tumble dryers. Outstanding flexibility and design mean that tumble dryers can be easily adapted to suit any laundry needs.

The range of Electrolux Professional tumble dryers consists of:

  • Tumble dryers - Compass Pro;
  • Tumble dryers – Selecta.

All units are smart solutions for all professional laundries. They are most efficient because of a gentle breeze function.

Electrolux Professional Tumble Dryers

Get the best drying results and improve laundry productivity while cutting down all running costs. High-quality tumble dryers are equipped with accurate temperature controls. Reliable lab tests prove that they provide operators with shorter and more effective drying cycles. Using a professional tumble dryer is your ultimate solution.

Pristine linens and the best hygiene standards can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction, and all professional laundries know that. The most demanding industry standards are met by high-quality Electrolux Professional tumble dryers with ease. They provide users with excellent results, thanks to low-maintenance and energy efficiency.

Take advantage of excellent drying performances and low-noise emissions. These unique characteristics make Electrolux Professional units a perfect choice even for residential buildings. The special Lagoon system is the only existing wet-cleaning process designed for all delicate garments. Nowadays, all professional laundries must be competitive. That’s why Electrolux Professional industrial machines are created to guarantee the best results, cost efficiency, and energy savings.

Residual Moisture Control measures precise moisture content and helps operators save money, time, and energy automatically. Using top-quality Electrolux Professional machines is a must for such delicate fabrics as silk and wool.

With the advanced generation of blower wheels, it becomes possible to improve the air flow while minimizing regular maintenance costs. The counter-clockwise drum rotation of units prevents your linen from wrinkling and tangling, thus increasing drying efficiency and making finishing much simpler.

Electrolux Professional Tumble Dryers Technologies

Certus Management Information System is innovative Electrolux Professional software that allows users to connect tumble dryers to a special network to monitor regular operational expenses and program data, thus evaluating each processed batch.

Highly efficient machines comply with all international product-quality specifications and safety standards, thus providing operators with a peace of mind. Benefit from their exceptionally high performance combined with great savings.

Thanks to easily adjustable drum speeds, the best drying results are guaranteed, even when handling the most delicate loads. Forget about uncomfortable loading and unloading in a critical location, thanks to sliding doors. That’s because you no longer need a lot of space for your effective professional laundry flow.

The simultaneous rotation and forward tilting of a drum results in eliminated requirements of manual linen handling. This feature leads to improved hygiene standards and working conditions. Large door openings guarantee easy unloading and loading.

The regular maintenance of Electrolux Professional tumble dryers is minimized, thanks to a big lint filter, which can be easily removed from the bottom. All users want to benefit from quiet working settings, and these machines are manufactured to keep very low noise levels. They have specific incorporated features and ergonomic design to ensure simple and safe use.

Electrolux Professional Tumble Dryers Benefits

Tumble dryers are excellent in every detail because they’re designed by Electrolux Professional for simple and fast installation and to provide the best performance.

  • Support rollers for noise reduction and increased drum stability;
  • Large door opening for simple and fast loading and unloading;
  • Galvanized panels are very reliable;
  • Powder-painted exterior to protect against corrosion and rust;
  • Large self-cleaning screen and lint compartment for simple maintenance;
  • Improved access to all important elements to make regular servicing easy;
  • Sturdy drum suspension with a belt drive and double-sealed bearings;
  • Customized controls and user-friendly panels;
  • Advanced blower wheel is more sensitive to pressure drop and lint accumulation;
  • Designed to have everything under control, thanks to advanced microprocessor technology;
  • Selecta and Compass controls make it easy to choose alternative settings and get the best drying flexibility;
  • Drying times can be determined by a payment system;
  • Program, time, and temperature selection;
  • Fully programmable units;
  • Display is intuitive and shows a remaining drying time, chosen program, actual temperature, cool-down time, and moisture content;
  • Ergonomic knobs guarantee a simple and fast program selection;
  • Possibility to preset the most popular drying programs.

Electrolux Professional Tumble Dryers Price

Looking for professional tumble dryers that can fit your budget? Maran Projekt GmbH offers a great chance to order the most advanced drying solutions designed by Electrolux Professional without overpaying. The prices set by the official international distributor are quite reasonable and they vary based on a particular model and tech characteristics. Whatever tumble dryer you choose, Electrolux Professional always delivers high efficiency, outstanding performance, and increased laundry productivity. Maran is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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