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Electrolux Professional Ironing Lane

Benefit from the professional ironing lane designed by Electrolux Professional with all consumers needs in mind. High-quality equipment offers the best quality and increase laundry productivity. Get the best equipment if you need to process flat linens in with high efficiency and low costs.

Top-notch folders and feeders are created by Electrolux Professional to be easily connected with C-Flex ironers for simplified operations.

Electrolux Professional Ironing Lane

The Electrolux Professional ironing lane range consists of:

  • C-Flex IL vacuum tables;
  • C-Flex IL feeders;
  • C-Flex IL flat folders;
  • Towel folders 1.1;
  • Towel folders 1.3.

The professional range is perfect for all heavy-duty laundries because it provides users with higher productivity, increased performance, maximum transparency, and reduced running costs in all laundry processes.

Looking for the best folder on the modern market? Electrolux Professional offers a highly efficient and ergonomic solution for any professional laundry needs. Take advantage of advanced equipment for any laundry operation with increased functionality.

  • High-quality folders with versatile tracker and cross fold possibilities;
  • Vacuum feeding tables for medium and small flatwork;
  • Top-notch folds with 3-length folds and one cross;
  • Piles are returned to operators automatically;
  • Single station feeder with high productivity;
  • 3-stacker standard construction with automated sorting according to different sizes;
  • 2-length folds that make 2 cross folds and 1 French fold;
  • Electrolux Professional ironing lane solutions provide users with excellent money and time savings in any working setting;
  • Faster cycle times;
  • Optimized energy, water, and detergent aid consumption, thanks to the advanced and intelligent Electrolux Professional technology;
  • The best ironing performance among competitors;
  • Faster and more economic laundry processes because of lower water retention;
  • Improved servicing flexibility;
  • A variety of highly efficient ironing solutions, including complete ironing lanes, top-quality folding, and feeding equipment for professional laundries;
  • Trained experts in the largest service network in the world.

Electrolux Professional Ironing Lane Benefits

The ironing lane range designed by Electrolux Professional includes ergonomic and efficient C-Flex IL feeders. They are single-station feeders that can processes up to 500 pieces on an hourly basis, thus offering incredible functionality.

  • One-station automated feeder that guarantees the highly productive feeding of the largest flatwork on a single lane;
  • Fixed horizontal stretching blade over a full width to ensure the best feeding quality;
  • Forward clipping is supported by a vacuum table and a suction box to ensure the best efficiency and ergonomics;
  • Special side stretching brushes guarantee the highest quality of lateral edges;
  • Stretch and stop conveyor to provide operators with a further improving quality of leading edges;
  • Foldable trays for the most ergonomic feeding of your small flatwork;
  • Retractable clipping system for the manual feeding of your flatwork on a vacuum table;
  • Neon-light curtain over a full width to ensure the best working conditions;
  • Central lint-collecting box to guarantee a safe and clean working space;
  • Electrolux Professional Master touch screen for a better control of a complete ironing lane from a feeder;
  • Available in different options to offer a perfect match.

C-Flex IL vacuum tables are a must for any professional laundry because of highly efficiency and guaranteed savings.

  • Vacuum feeding tables for medium and small flatwork, large or medium flat items;
  • Fixed horizontal stretching blades over a full width for the best laundry quality;
  • Central-lint curtain over a full width to provide operators with the most convenient working conditions;
  • Foldable trays to ensure the ergonomic feeding of any small flatwork;
  • Neon-light and full-width curtain to improve working conditions;
  • Available in different types to offer a perfect match;
  • Speed synchronization with Electrolux Professional ironers to ensure the easy operation of ironing lanes;
  • Powerful suction box of vacuum tables for increased ergonomics and productivity.

C-Flex IL flat folders have quite a versatile stacker position and they are a number one choice of many modern laundries.

  • Available in tailored options to suit all customer needs;
  • Bypassable on a full width for the small flatwork that doesn’t require any folding;
  • Single-lane, large, flat folders to provide users with perfectly stacked bed linens and other large flatwork items;
  • Good selection of fold, stack, and drop stacker solutions in addition to a guaranteed perfect fit;
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controls with intuitive navigation for easy and fast laundry operations;
  • Stackers on right and left sides, back and front delivery to accommodate any customer configurations with ease;
  • Automated synchronization to allow a single point of speed adjustments for the entire Electrolux Professional lane.

Electrolux Professional Ironing Lane Price

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