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Electrolux Professional Servery Fit System

Electrolux Professional Fit System series Self-service lines belong to the modern, highly functional self-service elements, which are suitable for any self-service system is excellent for operating canteens and Restaurants, cafes and Bars in resorts, snack bars, super markets, etc.

This commercial equipment is the perfect choice when a quick output of a hundred different dishes at the large number of visitors.

Fit system units are very flexible, compact, and versatile, so they are chosen by many self-service environments.

Electrolux Professional Fit System

The fit system range designed by Electrolux Professional offers highly functional and innovative units suitable for all commercial kitchens, including restaurants, canteens, reports, bars, cafes, snack bars, and so on. The professional kitchen equipment is the best choice if you require a fast output of different meals for a large number of consumers. The highest-quality fit system units crafted by Electrolux Professional are:

  • Flexible solutions for all customers;
  • Perfect for the small kitchen environments that require fast and varying solutions;
  • The best choice to serve many meals within a short period of time and get excellent results;
  • Ideal if you must serve different meals to many people in a convenient environment.

Electrolux Professional Fit System

What makes the fit system range offered by Electrolux Professional so popular? Check the following benefits:

  • Guaranteeing protected and safe food;
  • Equipped with reliable digital control panels;
  • Setting the food temperatures that respect all HACCP regulations;
  • Constructed with the tempered glass over-shelves that ensure the best food display and safety;
  • Availability in different finishes, such as cherry wood, stainless steel, and customized options;
  • Easily fitting any environment;
  • All compact elements are easy to move;
  • Fitted with folding tray slides and mounted on wheels;
  • Maintaining the most sophisticated dishes while ensuring their top quality;
  • Guaranteeing the uniform temperature for storing warm dishes and maintaining them for serving;
  • Worktops and wells are durable and made on stainless steel;
  • Easy cleaning operations are ensured by rounded edges and drainage tap;
  • Low energy consumption because of highly efficient heating elements for fast warming up;
  • Great working freedom;
  • The reliable electronic device that protects against any overheating;
  • Sneeze guards that offer elegant display and maximum safety;
  • Special refrigerated units to perfectly display food on ice or cool dishes while maintaining the right temperature.

Electrolux Professional Fit System Price

High-quality fit system units are distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. The company is the official Electrolux Professional supplier that ensures the best performance, reliability, durability, and functionality. You can order fit system units at quite reasonable prices that range according to a specific type, model, and basic characteristics. Whatever fit system equipment you order, it will serve you for quite a long time.

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