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Electrolux Professional MultiSlim Ovens

Electrolux Professional MultiSlim Compact Ovens

If you have a limited kitchen space or need to reduce your winning expenses without compromising your cooking performance, Electrolux Professional Multi Slim compact ovens are your best choice. The new range is a perfect fit for any modern bar or restaurant because of green savings, long-lasting performance, space savings, and so on.

Compact ovens use less water and energy compared to standard injection models. They are much better for the environment and provide users with great savings on regular utility bills. Their dimensions are space-saving and can fit even a small kitchen. Besides, if a kitchen layout changes, all you need to do is to replace the door opening.

Electrolux Professional compact ovens are created for heavy-duty and long-term use because they’re built from high-quality and robust materials. They provide consumers with easy and fast navigation through different functions, programs, and cooking parameters. You only need to push to choose the right settings and create about 100 recipes. This fast and easy equipment is excellent for perfect cooking.

Electrolux Professional Multi Slim Compact Ovens

If you want to benefit from maximal simplicity and minimized maintenance, choose Electrolux Professional Multi Slim compact ovens and you’re guaranteed to get perfect cooking results each time. That’s because a simple interface allows you to save and create your favorite recipes. Let the equipment do its cleaning and focus on other important tasks, thanks to a special system with different automated programs.

It’s easy to install and plug-in compact ovens anywhere because they’re perfect for any kitchen space due to different voltage options. They also offer fast access to all components and electrics, their simplified inspection, and minimized downtime with their convenient front panel design. What are the best features of these ovens?

  • Compact design with automatic cleaning, direct stream, and settings for different humidity levels;
  • Water resistance certification;
  • Eco-delta (temperatures inside a cooking cell is high than food temperatures);
  • Electronically controlled exhaust valve to extract excessive humidity to provide users with crispy results;
  • Automated moistener for the no-boiler steam generation;
  • Dry-hot convection cycle for the best low-humidity cooking results;
  • Manual and automated fast cooking activation when switching from high to low temperatures;
  • Automated cleaning system with different cycles to maintain a cooking cell based to high standards;
  • Excellent programmability because many recipes in all steps can be stored in the memory for their perfect recreation;
  • Variable fan speed with three levels;
  • Swing-hinged front panel for simple servicing access to all major components;
  • USB connection for downloading and uploading recipes and other data;
  • Seamless and hygienic cooking cell with rounded corners for simple maintenance and cleaning;
  • Double thermos-glazed doors and the open-frame construction;
  • Increased durability and high industry standards.

Electrolux Professional MultiSlim Compact Ovens Prices

Shopping for high-quality compact ovens? Turn to Maran Projekt GmbH because it’s an authorized dealer of Electrolux Professional that ships efficient equipment to many countries at affordable prices. They range from €4,072.42 to €4,326.92 and can fit any customer budget. You can buy Multi Slim units at the best prices and with international shipping in addition to many other benefits, such as long-term servicing, improved results, etc.

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