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Electrolux Professional Refrigerated and Freezer Counters

Electrolux Professional refrigerated and freezer tables combine a comfortable top-top and volumes for cold storage at the bottom.

Refrigerated tables are a significant space saving, allowing to create a convenient modular solution, suitable for the needs of any kitchen.

The lineup includes refrigeration and freezing tables with various combinations of swing doors and drawers.

The tables are equipped with refrigeration units in a tropical version, i.e. for work at a room temperature of + 43 ° C.

Electrolux Professional Refrigerated and Freezer Counters

The range of refrigerated and freezer counters designed by Electrolux Professional provides customers with the convenient of cold storage and worktop space. Increased versatility offers outstanding space savings while giving top-quality modular and functional solutions to any professional kitchen,

The available Electrolux Professional lineup supplied by Maran Projekt GmbH consists of refrigerated and freezer tables available in different combinations of drawers and doors. They all operate at ambient or room temperatures:

  • Saladettes;
  • Freezer counters;
  • Accessories;
  • Refrigerated counters.

Electrolux Professional refrigerated tables improve the food safety and efficiency of commercial kitchens. The lineup has started as raised bars, and now consumers can benefit from a range of refrigerated and freezer counters with the unique combination of the highest energy efficiency and climate class. High-performance professional units guarantee extra capacity and food safety to all commercial kitchens.

  • Extra efficiency makes a huge difference to regular energy bills and provides incredible savings;
  • Extra food safety because products stay fresh for longer, thanks to the Opti-flow smart air circulation and outstanding performance even in heavy-duty professional kitchens;
  • Extra customization due to countless Electrolux Professional options to give all customers what they need;
  • Extra capacity to store more food.

Electrolux Professional refrigerated and freezer counters offer optimal food preservation and reduced food waste by creating a unique microclimate with perfect conditions for all product types, specific temperatures, and humidity levels.

Electrolux Professional Refrigerated and Freezer Counters

Discover all the features that guarantee the outstanding functionality of freezer and refrigerated counters:

  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Meeting the highest hygiene standards;
  • Different sizes of counters;
  • Remote and integrated compressor units;
  • Different drawer and door configurations;
  • Freezer and refrigerated versions;
  • Smart electronic control;
  • Operating over the ambient temperature range;
  • Easy and fast installation;
  • Compressors to suit all operating conditions;
  • Mounted on durable legs with height adjustments;
  • Touch pad selection for the most common food products;
  • Electronic control settings for appropriate humidity and temperature levels;
  • Easy cleaning because of rounded internal corners;
  • Providing enough clearance for easy cleaning of floors;
  • Smart defrosting cycle that starts only when needed (after checking ice intensity on evaporators);
  • Meeting important dairy, fish, and meat storage requirements;
  • Microprocessor controls;
  • External digital temperature display;
  • Anti-tilt runners for different GN containers;
  • Forced air circulation for even temperature distribution and fast cooling;
  • HACCP incorporated;
  • Performance is displayed and recorded even when probes failed;
  • Accessing all components from the front.

Electrolux Professional Refrigerated and Freezer Counters Price

Refrigerated and freezer counters designed by Electrolux Professional are sold at competitive rates. Prices may range according to a particular model and basic specifications. Maran Projekt GmbH is the official Electrolux Professional distributor that guarantees the best quality and functionality. Buy freezer and refrigerated counters from Maran and experience a number of benefits, including special offers and customer support.

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