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Electrolux Professional Products

Electrolux Professional Products - more then 100 years of inovations! Electrolux Professional is the only supplier in the world to offer a complete range of high-performance products for large kitchens under the same brand name: modular cooking equipment, convection ovens, dishwashing, refrigeration and food preparation machines, which meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Electrolux Professional equipment is valued by consumers in more than 150 countries. The company produces machinery in accordance with modern achievements and developments.

Electrolux Professional Food Service Catalog 2024 (36Mb): download.

Electrolux Professional produces and sells professional equipment around the world under various well-known brands: Electrolux Professional, Zanussi, AEG, REX, McCulloch, Eureka and others. Each brand is quality, uniqueness, modern technologies, high level of professionalism and fare prices. Electrolux Professional equipment is a Swedish quality. With Electrolux Professional professional catalogue you can easily equip the kitchen of a hotel, restaurant, small cafe, bar, laundry, you can design a workspace with maximum convenience and functionality.

Electrolux Professional equipment is chosen by professional chefs, restaurateurs, hotel and laundry owners, who appreciate comfort and convenience, as well as savings. Introduced modern and unique technologies and developments allow to save resources, reduce harmful impact, maintain a high level of environmental friendliness.

Electrolux Professional Products is a professional equipment for the newly opened business, or for modernization and improvements of the existing one. Thanks to modern economical technologies and fare prices, the funds spent go back quickly and will continue to be saved over time.

MARAN project GmbH Company successfully marketed commercial equipment and foodservice equipment. We offer commercial equipment for bars, cafes, restaurants of world leader Electrolux Professional. You can use the equipment for bars and restaurants in Hamburg, Berlin, throughout Europe and Worldwide with us. As an authorized dealer and reliable supplier, we carry out the turnkey facilities, projecting, supply, turnkey assembly and the procurement of spare parts. In addition, we will supply equipment for hotels from a mini-hotel to a large hotel complex.

Electrolux Professional Products - #1 Worldwide

Electrolux Professional appliances have created a name for themselves in the electronic appliances industry with their always dependable and efficient products. Electrolux Professional professional products include all kind of products to cater to almost every requirement in your household including vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, refrigerators, professional laundry systems, modular cooking systems, server products, industrial and other cooking products and a lot more.

Electrolux Professional runs one of the largest service networks in the world and has more than 200-250 service centers in many countries around the world. So when you purchase any Electrolux Professional professional outdoor products, you never need to worry about the service and maintenance of these products as the service personnel will be there to fix it even before you blink. That’s the kind of promise Electrolux Professional provides to its customers that all professional products are made using high quality materials and goes through rigorous testing processes and only after these are they released for public usage.

Electrolux Professional Products Price

If you compare Electrolux Professional professional products price with other products, you would be largely surprised about how much lesser these products are prices but are way beyond in providing a lot more features than them. This makes Electrolux Professional products superior among many other competitor brands throughout the world.