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Electrolux Commercial Equipment


We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

Electrolux Commerial Equipment maintains its market leader position among global manufacturers of household appliances and industrial equipment over the last decades. Customers in more than 150 countries around the world value and appreciate Electrolux equipment. The company produces equipment in accordance with modern achievements and developments. Innovative concepts and technologies like "Cook-and-Chill" and "Air-o-Steam", unique accessories and features make the equipment from Electrolux irreplaceable for gastronomy.

Electrolux manufactures and supplies worldwide commercial equipment under various well-known brands like Electrolux, Zanussi, Alpeninox, Dito Sama. Each trademark means quality, uniqueness, modern technology, high level of competence. Electrolux equipment highlights “Swedish Quality”. With Electrolux Professional you can equip the kitchen of the hotel restaurant, guest house, small café, bar, laundry and easily design your work space with highest comfort and functionality.

Electrolux Professional
Cooking Equipment

Professional Equipment for the Kitchen of Restaurant, Bar or Cafe:
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Electrolux Professional Dishwashing Equipment

We Ship Full Range of Professional Dishwashing Equipment:
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Technical support and services

Our selected service partners performs installation and after-sales service for equipment in your restaurant, cafe or laundry.

A number of chefs, restaurateurs, laundry and hotel owners, who highly appreciate comfort and maneuverability, low operating costs and ergonomic looking for equipment from Electrolux Commerial. Implementation of its advanced and unique processes and developments can save resource, reduce harmful exposure, keep “green” at a high level.

Company Electrolux means industrial equipment both for the newly founded institution and for the modernization and development of existing business. Thanks to modern economical technologies, the funds spent on it are quickly returned and make significant savings with a time.

Technical support and services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all over the Europe.

Order of Electrolux Commercial Equipment:

We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

+49 (0) 40 22 94 19 20 (Mo-Fr 8.00-17.00)


Luebecker Str.1, Hamburg, 22087, Germany

Turn-Key solutions with commerial equipment

Our company does provide such demanded on the market performance as Turn-Key solutions for restaurants, cafes, hotels and other facilities (Turn-Key solutions with equipment in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, all over the Europe and WorldWidw) with equipment from Electrolux Commerial.

Turn-Key solution is a solution that can guarantee maximum efficiency and functionality of equipment with minimal investments: only perfect knowledge of product range can avoid functional overlap and ideally adjust equipment’s performance to designed capacity.

The Company MARAN Projekt GmbH is real Professional in its field. It has successful experience in the equipping of the projects with different size and functionality (like Turn-Key solution for Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Marriott etc.). Different addresses.

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