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Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS

Electrolux Professional has introduced a new generation of combi steamers and shock chillers Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS from the Skyline series. According to product experts, this equipment has passed 20,000 tests, that shows proven reliability of construction and system.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS is reliable and easy to use. Thanks to the electronic control system, the use of this technique becomes intuitive. This section of the site presents the most popular models of cabinets and chambers for shock freezing manufactured by Electrolux Professional.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS

The Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS series includes such models as:

They vary in capacity, additional parameters and price. All these models also have many common properties. And one of them is premium quality.

Equipment varies in size, usable volume, and various levels. The robust construction and reliable components of shock freezing cabinets guarantee a long period of stable operation even with heavy use. The casing is made of stainless steel - a durable hygienic material. Every model of Electrolux Professional shock freezing cabinets are equipped with a thermal probe for monitoring the freezing process. There is a backlight inside the camera.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS Features

Regardless of the type of model, each type of Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS has a number of useful properties and time-saving options:

  • Automatic mode. Fast functional auto modes, with 10 families and 9 special cooling cycles.
  • ARTE 2.0. Additional intelligent technology allows you to keep track of time and keep up with everything you have planned in the kitchen, making your restaurant business more convenient.
  • Turbo Cooling. A technology that allows you to set the temperature in the range from +10 to -40 degrees Celsius. The device perfectly maintains the set temperature and helps a lot for busy kitchens.
  • Program mode. It stores 1000 recipes of different dishes and variations.
  • Innovative air distribution and ventilation system. Thanks to this, the cell will always be fresh.
  • Super intuitive Touch Panel. You can set programs on a convenient panel with LED backlighting and support for about 30 different languages.
  • SkyDuo Technology. It provides a connection between the chiller and the oven and vice versa via Cook & Chill.
  • Smart interface. To personalize the workflow, the equipment has several smart options. This is MyPlanner for personalizing daily work and alerts. SkyHub home page to optimize the operation of the device.
  • Some models have a UV-lamp for additional sterilization of products and the surface of the chamber.
  • USB-port for installing HACCP settings and system backup.

Depending on the model, the camera can hold 30, 50 and 100 kg of products for freezing and cooling.

The energy efficiency classes given in the instructions are determined by the rules in force in the European Union and are indicated solely to enable a comparison of Electrolux Professional brand models.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS Prices

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Here you can find the latest Electrolux Professional freezers and chillers, with detailed descriptions of each model. All info regarding Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS price and properties is provided on the website.

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