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Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline Combi Ovens

Thanks to the efficient and intelligent use of steam, even the most difficult dishes in the Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline steamers are stunningly tasty and beautiful, while preserving all the nutritional properties of the products.

The air-o-steam Touchline steam convectors simplify the cooking process as much as possible, as a result, you save time and money. And we offer a good price (prezzo).

You can store up to 1000 recipes in the memory of the oven and at any time reproduce any of them.

In addition, the impact of air-o-steam Touchline ovens on the environment is minimal. Eco-functions can reduce the consumption of electricity, water and rinse.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline

In innovative combi ovens, sophisticated and difficult dishes are excellent and stunningly tasty. All meals preserve important nutritional properties, thanks to the intelligent and efficient use of steam. Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment has special steam convectors that simplify the entire cooking process and allow users to save both money and time. The new line of ovens stores about 1000 recipes and can reproduce them whenever it’s needed.

All units have no negative environmental effect because of their green functionality. Different eco-friendly functions help users decrease the costs of water, electricity, and rinse. Available Electrolux Professional ovens can be either electric or gas. They all guarantee the best cooking results in any commercial kitchen.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline Combi Ovens

The kitchen equipment guarantees an easy and intuitive cooking process to all users. Only 2 stages are involved in preparing any elaborate meal: using a digital display control panel and picking a particular recipe. Choose from a range of humidity levels if you want to personalize the entire cooking process. The instant moistener of Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline combi ovens maintains the necessary humidity level in a chamber, thanks to its precision and high capacity.

All recipes can be saved and repeated when needed. Electrolux Professional ovens offer the most effective solution to guarantee the highest taste and cooking standards. Multi-phase cooking cycles allow you to improve the performance of kitchen equipment further. All user-interface functions can be easily personalized.

Combi ovens offer fully automated cleaning because all you need to do is to select pre-set cycles and you will get a ready to work and perfectly clean unit. Electrolux Professional equipment also asks users how eco-friendly they want to be. Touchline ovens have innovative green functions that allow you to minimize running costs and save the environment.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline

What are the best features that make Electrolux Professional ovens your best choice? Consider the following unique functions:

  • The dry-hot convection cycle for the best low-humidity cooking;
  • Automated moistener with different settings for highly efficient steam generation;
  • Programmable cooking modes for replicated results;
  • Multi timer to manage different cooking cycles at once, ensure excellent results, and improve flexibility;
  • Exhaust valve to control and extract excess humidity for better cooking results;
  • Varied fan speeds for different types of cooking;
  • Fast cooking activation;
  • Compliance with the highest HACCP standards;
  • USB connectivity.

Electrolux Professional air-o-steam Touchline Price

Prices on air-o-steam Touchline combi ovens range based on specifications, such as the size and weight of different units. Maran Projekt GmbH is the official international distributor of Electrolux Professional. It provides customers with a number of benefits, including the highest quality, long-term service, and competitive prices. Whatever Touchline combi oven you choose, you’re provided with the best performance.

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