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Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Convection Ovens

The Electrolux Professional company is developing the ideal equipment for the preparation of different dishes during the decades. Air-o-convect oven is the choice of chefs who value innovation, simplicity, ease of use, variety of cutting-edge options that make food preparation really easy. Such an equipment can be used as a masterpiece.

Wide range of food preparation – cooking, cooking, frying, steaming, baking – makes air-o-convect ovens for small cafes, canteens as well as for large and famous restaurants, kitchens of hotel and inn kitchens, canteens, chains of sale with own Bakeries and cafeteria. With such a first-class oven, the preparation of vegetable stew, stew, fish or poultry gratin, cakes or bread baking is quite simple.

Air-o-convect ovens from Electrolux Professional, product overview:

Technology air-o-convect from Electrolux Professional has numerous advantages, which makes management of large kitchen easy and comfortable. Thanks to the uniform heat distribution in the oven chamber, the dish is prepared on all sides without additional turning. The core temperature sensor allows the maximum permissible temperature to be controlled for specific food, which saves the constant attention to temperature, over-drying and strong browning of the food. All sorts of additional features and accessories, a comfortable control panel, give chef cooks an unbelievable pleasure at work - professionals from Electrolux Professional strive for it over the course of several decades.

Giant advantage of air-o-convect ovens is fairly simple technological operation with maximum number of features, design solutions and automation of control flow. Comprehensive range of dimensions, housing and oven chamber made of stainless steel, convenient cleaning thanks to rounded corners, heat-resistant double glass door with dripping water channel for condensation water: all parts have been thought through for optimization of oven operation. All ovens on our website have their own advantages.

Efficiency, environmental friendliness and high efficiency of the ovens are no less valuable. Low gas consumption, economical burner with forced blowing save energy resources as well as costs. Minimization of emissions leads to an increase in the environmental friendliness of process engineering.

Economical air-o-convect ovens are the choice of cooks who appreciate comfort, cost savings as well as correct and modern cookery!

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Convection Ovens

Electrolux Professional designs the best kitchen equipment chosen by many consumers. Air-o-convection convection ovens are the number one choice of many chefs who appreciate simplicity, innovations, easy use, and cutting-edge options. Electrolux Professional equipment is a true masterpiece that serves different purposes, such as frying, cooking, baking, and steaming.

Air-o-convect ovens are perfect for hotel kitchens, famous restaurants, canteens, cafeteria, and other customers because they make the preparation of all meals very simple. What are basic types?

  • Air-o-convect gas ovens;
  • Air-o-convect electric ovens;
  • Air-o-convect touchline ovens.

The air-o-convect technology designed by Electrolux Professional has many benefits, including easy and comfortable kitchen management and uniform heat distribution.

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Convection Ovens Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official distributor of Electrolux Professional convection ovens worldwide. Prices are reasonable and they range based on a particular model that you choose. If you order from Maran Projekt GmbH, you get a number of benefits, including customer satisfaction and guarantees.

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