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Electrolux Professional Hood Type Dishwashers

Electrolux Professional hood type dishwashers are clean and green. All models always offer something extra in addition to simplicity, excellent performance, and high efficiency. No matter what you want from machines, Electrolux Professional can offer everything. Be prepared to enjoy extra functionality with top-quality hood type dishwashers:

  • Ease of use guaranteed by innovative technology;
  • Maximal reliability;
  • Superior performance;
  • Great savings in energy, water, and detergents.

Electrolux Professional Hood Type Dishwashers

The specialization of Electrolux Professional in dishwashing goes back quite a long way. Outstanding experience is the main secret in achieving excellence in the industry. The company is accustomed to listening to customers and anticipating personal needs to satisfy even the most sophisticated requests with no hesitation.

Hood type dishwashers are popular among consumers because of their simplicity, high efficiency, and excellent performance. No matter what you want from machines, Electrolux Professional will bring it and many great benefits:

  • Going green because dishwashers consume less energy, water, detergent, and rinse aid, thus reducing running costs and having less impact on the environment;
  • Being safe because of a unique wash-safe control device designed to provide constant nominal rinsing temperatures;
  • Being clean, thanks to the best rinsing and washing performance with the total detergent removal;
  • Easy maintenance and operation.

Electrolux Professional Hood Type Dishwashers

Take advantage of the reduction in energy consumption and running costs with the latest generation of hood type machines. Electrolux Professional hood type dishwashers bring high efficiency and outstanding functionality to users because of the following features:

  • Double-skin hood with a sloped ceiling to guarantee low noise level, improved rinsing performance, and heat loss reduction;
  • Slanted ceiling and wash arms for the best performance because the wash water doesn’t drop on dishes after rinsing, thus providing optimal dishwashing results;
  • Clear-blue filtering system improves the entire performance and reduces running expenses;
  • Continuous water softener ensures spot-free results while decreasing the scale build-up;
  • Special sensor advises when a salt container must be refilled (it’s integrated to avoid salt overflowing);
  • Durable pressed tank to make all cleaning operations easier and faster;
  • Zero-lime devices guarantees less energy consumption due to the improved efficiency of heating elements;
  • Lime-free nozzles for the best rinsing results;
  • Full protection against possible water jets or solid objects;
  • Detergent and rinse aid dispensers and drain pump built-in to facilitate the installation process;
  • Wash-safe control and atmospheric circuit with the cold water supply ensures the best washing productivity and performance;
  • Increased savings because generated steam is used to pre-heat water;
  • ESD energy saving device;
  • No need for any extra ventilation;
  • Optimized water tank size;
  • The highest standards of cleanliness;
  • Advanced filtering system to keep water free of any food residue, improve the efficiency of detergents, and provide optimal washing results;
  • Unique shape of spray nozzles and rotating arms;
  • Inclined tank filter to collect and guide the soil through multiple filters;
  • Strong water pressure while rinsing;
  • Top-quality rinsing is always guaranteed, regardless of inlet water conditions;
  • Made easy for consumers;
  • Corner control panel for maximum operation and visibility;
  • All filters are easy to remove for improved cleaning operations;
  • Self-cleaning phase to sanitize a washing chamber and avoid bacteria proliferation;
  • Extra connections are not needed;
  • Boiler can be easily modified via a control panel.

Electrolux Professional Hood Type Dishwashers Price

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