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Electrolux Professional Commercial Dishwasher


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When it comes to commercial dishwashing, what everyone would look for in a dishwasher is reliability, sustainability, durability, energy saving capabilities, safety and efficiency. Electrolux Professional commercial dishwasher comes loaded with all these factors that employing these machines in your business will help you achieve great washing results and also save lot of energy, time and resources in the longer run. What makes these dishwashers stand out among the other commercial line of dishwashers from other brands is the use of innovative technology combined with exclusive design and excellent features.

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Green and Clean

The new range of Electrolux Professional industrial dishwasher models are unique in every aspect as they provide ultimate performance utilizing less energy, water and soap saving a lot of time and money for the business employing these machines. They are available in various models and sizes and there is also models that don’t require extraction from the above. You can avail always the best results from your Electrolux Professional commercial dishwasher India machines. They are also perfectly safe and provide a complete sanitation for all your dishes. These are easy to operate and come with an ergonomic design to achieve maximum results.

Why Choose Electrolux Professional Commercial Dishwasher?

Electrolux Professional dishwashers could provide a lot of advantages to your business as outlined below:

  • Electrolux Professional dishwashers provide a safe and healthy cleaning environment to your dishes and provides the highest sanitation when compared to other brands
  • They are ETL sanitation approved and comply with all guidelines and regulations of DIN10512
  • Reduces your running costs to a great extent that it uses lesser than 2 litres of water per wash cycle and still produces amazing washing results
  • Lesser use of water also means less use of energy and soap used while washing
  • Comes with a simple ergonomic design to enable to fit the machine in corner easily.
  • Operating the machine is also pretty much simple as the control panel is placed in an easy to reach angular position
  • Excellent washing and cleaning performance
  • The unique clear-blue filtering system ensure maximum wash per cycle and maximum sanitation
  • Built in atmospheric boiler and powerful washing circuit ensures the best washing results at all time
  • Some machines also comes with automatic lift model along with an integrated LED on top
  • Comes equipped with energy saving devices and IP25 rated units for additional safety and lesser use of energy
  • Comes with a rinse booster pump along with drain pump and rinse aid dispensers.
  • Comes with unique Electrolux Professional commercial dishwasher fault codes for easy service and maintenance
  • Electrolux Professional commercial dishwasher repairs are carried out at the earliest time possible by the service personnel to minimize the downtime period.

Types of Commercial Dishwashers Available


When it comes to large scale cleaning of glasses along, a glass washer can be best option as it ensures large number of glasses is washed in a quicker time when compared to dishwashers. Also, glasswashers cost lesser when compared to dishwashers. Even though dishwashers can clean any kind of dishes including cutlery, plates and glasses, if you running a business or looking to wash only a large number of glasses, then you should definitely invest in a glasswasher than a dishwasher. There are some industrial glasswashers that can wash up to 400 glasses per hour saving you lots of time and resources.

Hood Type Dishwashers

Hood type dishwashers are mainly used in restaurants, hotels and industrial kitchens where heavy washing is required in fast washing cycles. They also come with integrated drain heat recovery features and also provides quick and better washing results. These washers are very effective against tough grease and provide 100% clean and sanitized dishes every time. These are specially made for the hospitality sector and restaurants where heavy load of washing expected.

Pot and Pan Washers

These are perfect for washing trays, pots, pans, and bowls in large quantities. They provide 100% clean and sanitized utensils utilizing lesser energy and water. Heavily soiled pots and pans can be easily cleaned without a spot unlike dishwashers as they are specially designed to clean only this kind of utensils.

Rack Type Dishwashers

These types of dishwashers require only a glass of water to clean an entire rack of dishes within minutes. These come equipped with an innovative rinse feature that uses only less water, energy, detergent rinse aid for cleaning and rinsing. The advanced clear blue filtering system that the water used for cleaning is filtered always and stays clean for a long time and thus ensuring lesser use of water. The Electrolux Professional commercial dishwasher manual ensures that every detail about the use of these machines is provided for easy understanding for the user.

Tray Washers

Tray washers are used for washing cutlery and trays and are specifically built using stainless steel for longer lifetime and durability. Comes with options to load the trays automatically from a tray conveyor and automatically unload the cleaned trays into a lowerator. They have a capacity of around 16 litres and higher and come with a built-in water boiler. Easily removable wash and rinse arms enable easy cleaning of the washer.


Undercounter dishwashers are mostly by business looking for high performance equipment that operates at lower costs. The Electrolux Professional commercial dishwasher service personnel ensures to attend to any kind of service request of these undercounter machines and all kinds of laundry equipment at the earliest possible to minimize the downtime period. These compact dishwashers ensure the best possible results all the time in washing and rinsing and remove detergent perfectly. This Electrolux Professional industrial dishwasher is an ideal solution for washing plates, cups, utensils, trays, appliances and glasses.

Handling System

These are kind of sorting tables made using high quality 304 AISI stainless steel that comes with height adjustable feet’s. They also come with a over shelf to organize baskets also comes with a waste scrapping hole to drain all the waste to be collected easily.

Dishwashing Baskets

They are used in industrial kitchens, restaurants and hotels to sort and organize all plates and dishes after it is completely washed and cleaned. There are various kinds of baskets available for keeping dishes, cutlery and glasses etc.

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