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Electrolux Professional Panini Press


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Electrolux Professional has always surprised their customers with every new launch of their equipment and the Electrolux Panini press is no surprise, as it is packed with some quality features to delight your customers with delicious sandwiches in just minutes. When compared with traditional presses, the Electrolux Panini maker is 75% faster and creates delightful snacks in less than 30 seconds. Built using the libero line cooking concept, you can serve anyone, anywhere with this high speed Panini grill. What lies behind the incredible speed and the delightful taste of the Panini grill is the combination of three heating sources of microwave technology with the contact plates and infrared heating.

With an Electrolux Professional Panini grill microwave, you can have four cooking cycles by setting the cooking plates accordingly. The contact plates have a non-stick coating on the outer and ribbed on the top surface. It is pretty much simple to use the Panini press as anyone can operate with ease and you don’t need to read pages of the Electrolux Panini press manual to understand the functionality. All you need to get your favorite snack ready is place it on the plate and close the lid and carry on with your other work. Once the snack is ready, the lid rises automatically and you can serve the customer quickly. You can different temperature levels from 320-536 degrees as it requires different temperatures to be set for different kind of fillings.

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Electrolux Professional Panini Press Price

Made using high quality materials including stainless steel and comes with an easy to operate on/off switch provided on the top. When it comes to Electrolux Professional Panini press price, you will be largely surprised at the affordable price set for this high speed grill with excellent features. Kitchen people at restaurants, hotels, bars and fast food joints will be definitely happy to have this high speed grill at their disposal to delight their customers with quality and quick service food in just minutes. It is also recommended by many people for its longer lifetime and durability. Cleaning and maintaining the grill is also pretty much simple.

Highlights of the Electrolux Professional Panini Maker

  • Delight your customers with delicious sandwiches and various types of dishes created in just minutes
  • Adjust the contact plates to four different cycles for achieving varying thickness of foods
  • Create dishes in various shapes and sizes with the Electrolux Professional Panini press paper
  • Easy to use on/off switch on top
  • Built using high quality stainless steel
  • Cooks 75% more faster than traditional grills
  • A collection tray is provided in the bottom to collect all the grease and food crumbs to clean it easily
  • The evenly heated surface ensures to provide a perfect grill every time
  • Say good bye to burning or over-cooked food as the temperature is controlled thermostatically
  • Vitreous enamel coating on the cooking surface makes it rust-proof and scratch-proof and also resistant to oxidation.
  • The contact plates on the top are specifically designed to self-balance themselves so as to prevent them accidentally closing while cooking

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