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When it comes to advanced laundry solutions, Electrolux Professional laundry is the name that has been leading the industry for more than 20 years. Electrolux Professional has been one of the renowned names in the industrial and home appliances sector for coming up with innovative and advances solutions and equipment at affordable costs to the consumers. This equipment always provide the maximum performance and longer lifetime when compared to most other brands in the market. It also has the largest service network in the world with more than 200 service centres in many countries.

Electrolux Professional laundry professional offers your business various range of laundry solutions including front loading washers, side loading machines, tumble dryers, ironers, side load barrier washers, drying cabinets and more. Whether you run a large-scale laundry business or need some equipment for your business, Electrolux Professional has all kinds of laundry solutions to take your business to the next level.

Electrolux Professional Laundry Washing Equipment

Front Load, Side Load, Barrier and Wash & Dry Machines:
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Drying, Ironing and Finishing Equipment

Hydro extractors, Dryers, Ironers and Finishers:
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Electrolux Professional Laundry Solutions

Electrolux Professional is dedicated to provide industry leading laundry solutions with precision engineering and high quality service delivered to your doorsteps with the help of its exclusive network of service network and professional laundry partners around the world. Electrolux Professional laundry products are specially designed after intensive research and with the help of insights from various Electrolux Professional customers to provide solutions that reduce your working costs to a great extent by consuming lesser water, energy, detergents and power.

Electrolux Professional has spread its wings all around the world and Electrolux Professional laundry Australia and other offices always work hard to reinvent themselves by experimenting always with each and every product launches to provide equipment that gives the customer maximum performance and longer lifetime with less maintenance and greater cost saving capabilities.

When it comes to Electrolux Professional laundry solutions, it has launched a groundbreaking solution in the laundry industry with its Electrolux Professional Line 5000 range of products that are developed after intensive research to address various problems faced by many industries with their laundry equipment.

These new line of equipment from Electrolux Professional laundry UK have been carefully designed to provide the maximum performance in all kinds of environments including extreme humid conditions and in areas having very high temperature levels. The professional activity is also taken into account during the design and development of the Electrolux Professional Line 5000 machines. This line of equipment have been greatly lauded by leading industry experts and many companies as it had increased the productivity levels to a great degree and are highly flexible and durable. This line of equipment can function without any major issues for a long time and with less maintenance. The Electrolux Professional laundry USA products are also designed to work uninterruptedly even during voltage fluctuations and offers a wide range of products.

The Electrolux Professional line 5000 series has a very intuitive user interface with a lot of options to select the required wash programs. Even voice prompts are accepted and what more, voices from 18 languages are recognized by these advanced 5000 series laundry systems. It also comes with other unique features like automatic weighing system, residual moisture control system, etc.

Advantages of Electrolux Professional Laundry:

Electrolux Professional laundry Nederland provides you with a lot of unmatched advantages including:

  • Lesser power, water and detergent usage
  • Specially designed using ultra-modern latest technologies
  • Quicker cycle times means additional clothes washed in lesser time
  • Most Economical drying process
  • Water retention is much lower
  • Ultimate ironing performance
  • Exclusive range of ironing solutions from ironing lanes to feeding and folding equipment
  • Superior technical support whenever and wherever needed
  • Excellent customer service and technical support
  • The biggest service network in the world

Electrolux Professional – Choose Your Solution Package

Electrolux Professional has solution packages for every kind of business and you can choose the solution that meets your requirements.

Access solution

  • Low water retention and power consumption and upto 50% water savings for half loads
  • 30% less drying time when compared to other brands
  • Special features for plain and smooth linen clothing
  • Ironing belts are special designed to handle high temperatures
  • 2 x Front Load Washers (33 kg)
  • 1 x Tumble Dryer (30.5 kg)
  • 1 x Cylinder type Ironer (2065 mm)

Advanced solution

  • Superior washing qualities and intelligent design with the help of integrated saving system to allow optimal loading of the washer
  • 10% faster drying time
  • 15% more energy efficient when compared to other systems
  • Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System
  • 3 x Front Load Washers (45 kg)
  • 1 x Tumble Dryer (45 kg)
  • 1 x Cylinder type Ironer with feeder, folder and stacker (3170 mm)

Superior solution

  • Excellent washing qualities combined with an intelligent design.
  • Comes with an Integrated Saving System for optimal loading of washer and efficient water and detergent dosing
  • Superior performance and best value for money
  • Higher productivity with 10% faster wash cycles and 15% more energy efficient
  • 3 x Front Load Washers (120 kg)
  • 2 x Front Load Washers (65 kg)
  • 1 x Front Load Washers (20 kg)
  • 4 x Tumble Dryers (60 kg)
  • 1 x Tumble Dryers (20 kg)
  • 1 x C-Flex Ironer

Electrolux Professional Laundry Price

If you are thinking about opening a laundry store of your own, then you better seek the help of Electrolux Professional customer support to provide you with the best solution. Electrolux Professional is one of the trusted brands in the laundry business as it provides complete solutions for all your laundry store requirements from your store design to signage and even professional marketing services along with the needed laundry equipment (at best price) for your new laundry store. Maran Projekt GmbH helps your dream come to life with world class coin operated laundromat equipment that could save a lot of time and effort from your side.

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