Electrolux AOS202GKD1 GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW (Code 266715), Alias 9PDD266715

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Electrolux AOS202GKD1 Product Features

air-o-convect Touchline 20GN 2/1 LPG gas convection oven performs all of the functions of a convection oven and has a boilerless steaming function to add and retain moisture for high quality, consistent cooking cycles. Cooking modes include a convection (hot air) cycle (max 300°C) with an automatic moistener with 11 settings from zero to high moisture, programmability to save recipes, automatic pre-heating, a hold function and automatic rapid cooling. All 304 Stainless steel construction, seamless hygienic cooking chamber with all rounded corners. Double thermo-glazed door with open frame construction for cool outside door panel. IPX5 spray water protection certification. Features USB connection, HACCP management. air-o-clean™ automatic and built-in self cleaning system with 'Green' functions to save energy, water and rinse aid.Supplied with n.1 tray rack 2/1GN, 63mm pitch and door shield. Buy Electrolux AOS202GKD1 GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW (Code 266715) online at a favorable price (prezzo, prix, precio, preço).

Electrolux AOS202GKD1 Specifications

  • Brand : Electrolux
  • Model : AOS202GKD1
  • WxDxH mm : 1243x1107x1795 mm
  • Shipping Status : Е
  • Weight : 378 Kg
  • Alias : 9PDD266715
  • Status : cancelled in exaustion
  • Factory Model : AOS202GKD1
  • Customs_Class : 8419818090
  • Country of origin : Italy
  • Net Weight : 333.20 kg
  • Net Width : 1243
  • Net Depth : 1107
  • Net Height : 1795
  • Europe Weight : 392.00 Kg
  • Europe Width : 1,300 mm
  • Europe Height : 200 mm
  • Overseas Weight : 0.00 Kg
  • Overseas Depth : 1,300 mm
  • Overseas_Height : 2,130 mm
  • Electrical power : 2 Kw
  • Voltage : 220-240 V
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Phases : 1
  • Gas power : 55 Kw
  • Start-End Production : cancelled
Shipping Status

Electrolux AOS202GKD1 Shipping Status

Some more about product GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW Electrolux AOS202GKD1

Our e-shop proposes AOS202GKD1 GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW (Code 266715) from european manufacturer Electrolux - the perfect product for restaurant kitchen. In our catalogue it is in Cook & Chill - Air-o-Convect Touchline - Gas. Factory name: AOS202GKD1. This model can be found also as Product Number Code: 266715 and the alias: 9PDD266715.

Electrical connection of the equipment: the device consumes 2 Kw at AC 230 V with a frequency 50/60 Hz, 1N phase connection. Gas power: 55 Kw.

If you wish to - you can buy Electrolux AOS202GKD1 with worldwide delivery from Hamburg. The price does not include taxes and shipping costs (more about Shipping). Production status of GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW (Code 266715): IN DISTRIBUTION - you can purchase this equipment. Shipping Status of AOS202GKD1: C - you may order this product. Region of production: ITALY. Customs classification code of GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW (Code 266715): 8419818090.

To know the dimensions of the GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW AOS202GKD1: net width: 1,107.00 mm, depth: 1,243.00 mm, height: 1,795.00 mm (1243x1107x1795 mm), weighs: 333.20 kg. The measurements and weight of the Electrolux GAS(LPG)CONVECT.OVEN (TOUCH) 20 GN2/1 LW packaging: for European dispatch: Europe weight: 392.00 Kg, width: 1,300 mm, height: 200 mm. If the shipping is overseas, the size and weight are different: overseas depth: 1,300 mm, height: 2,130 mm, weight: 0.00 Kg.

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