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air-o-convect Gas Ovens

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Gas Ovens

Electrolux Professional convection gas ovens offer a completely new dimension of cooking. Maran Project offers a great opportunity to choose from a wide range of models to suit any cooking environment and needs.

Air-o-convect gas ovens are equipped with the direct steam saturation. Cooking evenness is ensured by the fresh air blown into ovens from the outside after being preheated and pulled through a bi-functional fan. What are other important features of convection gas ovens?

  • Manual water injection to add extra moisture on a cooking chamber;
  • Built-in cleaning system with several cycles;
  • Cooking cycles, including the hot air combined with a range of humidity settings, such as baking, browning, and par-steaming;
  • A possibility to combine cycles and 2-step cooking;
  • Pulse ventilation and full speed controls;
  • A double-glass door to maintain a perfect external temperature and incorporated drip pain to gather excess condensation and avoid wet floors;
  • Food probe to guarantee precise cooking experiences;
  • Side panels and stainless steel structure;
  • Halogen lighting in a cooking chamber;
  • Manual and automated fast cooking activation when selecting lower and higher temperatures;
  • Certified gas burner for low emissions and high efficiency.

Electrolux Professional air-o-convect Gas Ovens Prices

Prices on Electrolux Professional convection gas ovens vary from about €5,906 to €14,537, and they exclude taxes and shipping costs. This price is fair because the cooking equipment pays itself over time due to its long service life and durability. The amount that you will pay depends on the size of your chosen oven and other characteristics.

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