Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS 6GN 1/1

Electrolux Professional SkyLine ChillS 6GN 1/1     

Electrolux introduced a new, promising generation of shock freezing devices. Electrolux SkyLine ChillS 6GN 1/1  is another line of new generation chillers that have passed about 20,000 hours of testing and demonstrated the best results. Cabinets for shock freezing are an undoubted replacement for ordinary refrigerators because the latter will not even be able to do half what the Electrolux chillers are capable of.

Unlike refrigerators, chillers freeze foods instantly. Products don't lose their properties and after defrosting, fresh as if they did not go through the freezing process at all.

And thanks to the Cook & Chill system, the device works with an oven and increases the productivity of a professional kitchen several times.

Electrolux SkyLine ChillS 6 GN 1/1

Cabinets and chambers for shock freezing are designed for ultrafast freezing of food products. Unlike refrigerators, all products retain their original properties. This has many advantages, especially for professional cuisine, because:

  • Space-saving. The cabinet is designed for 30 kg of products for cooling, and 30 kg for freezing. The device is ergonomic, roomy and frees up space for the professional.
  • Sensitive control panel. Thanks to touching control and LED backlighting, you can always find and configure the desired program. The system supports 20 languages and is intuitive.
  • Blast Chiller System Technology. Protection against pathogenic bacteria and optimal storage of alcoholic beverages like wine and champagne.
  • Cruise Cycle Function. This is an option for selecting a program, by the type of product and type.
  • Turbo Cooling. The system provides the ability to quickly cool and freeze within +10 to -40 degrees Celsius. You can set the temperature and the device will keep it as needed.
  • Program mode. Software for 1000 recipes allows you to choose the ideal mode for a particular product.

The main goals of this technological solution are to simplify a person’s life and improve the quality of his life, and shock freezing machines do an excellent job both with the first and the second. Another advantage of this technology is that shock freezers do not leave any chance for pathogenic bacteria, which subsequently develop intestinal infections.

Electrolux SkyLine ChillS 6 GN 1/1 Specifications

This device is a blast chiller freezer designed for 30/30 kg. The device is equipped with a touch screen that supports several world languages. There are also two types of models: with and without a UV lamp. Also, Electrolux SkyLine ChillS 6GN 1/1 has such characteristics as:

  • Smooth camera angles for easy cleaning and stainless construction.
  • Estimated remaining time for artificial intelligence-based cycles.
  • USB ports for loading settings and parameters.
  • MultiTimer, Make-it-Mine, SkyHub, MyPlanner, connecting SkyDuo to SkyLine furnace options.
  • 3-point sensor for detecting core temperature.
  • For artificial intelligence-based cycles.

Electrolux SkyLine ChillS 6GN 1/1 opens up wide opportunities for users and provides additional convenience for storing products. A simple and intuitive menu allows you to easily make the necessary settings.

Electrolux SkyLine ChillS 6 GN 1/1 Prices

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