Electrolux Professional SkyLine PremiumS Ovens - gas

Electrolux SkyLine PremiumS Ovens – Gas

It would seem that a gas stove is a household appliance that in the presence of modern and more functional models, has already become an absolutely obsolete thing. However, for a large percentage of consumers, it is still a must-have option. At the same time, classics can also be stylish and modern. We highly recommend you to check out gas stoves from the reputable Swedish brand Electrolux. Here you can count on the thought-over design of the case, elegant lines as well as accessories, top-notch functionality and a slew of lot of opportunities enabling you to realize even the most daring culinary fantasies every day.

Of course, much depends on the power of the heating source. It determines how quickly the food will be cooked, how conveniently it is to change the temperature regime, how evenly the thermal energy will be distributed and much more. When talking about gas ovens, we note that the design of gas burners is of supreme importance. Perhaps, everybody knows how the traditional burners look like. We can define them as a series of holes around the disk through which fire is supplied at a certain angle. This design allows you to heat the bottom of the dishes on the outer edges. Premium gas ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH are equipped with a new generation of burners that more efficiently distribute thermal energy and also reduce the time required for boiling. As a matter of fact, the triple-burner Triple Crown evenly heats the bottom of the pan, while a vertically directed flame ensures quick boiling.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine PremiumS Ovens – Gas Features

If you decided to become an owner of any of premium gas ovens from this respected producer, you can count on the following features: 

  • Automatic ignition: Just turn the knob and the burner is 100% ready for use.
  • Gas control: Safety is of supreme importance here. Gas supply will stop as soon as the flame goes out.
  • Cast iron grating: These grids serve for a long time and the dishes are fixed securely.
  • An electric baker as a pleasant bonus: It’s believed that baking in an electric oven is better and juicier than in a pure gas one. That’s why Maran took this feature into account and combined the conventional gas hob with an electric oven. Such premium models have a number of advantages, which will certainly be appreciated by bakers.

Electrolux SkyLine PremiumS Ovens – Gas

The distortion in the distribution of hot air inside the oven is the common problem of gas ovens. As a result, pies and rolls tend to burn out on the one side and remain raw on the other. In the electric compartment of the premium oven from Maran Projekt GmbH,  hot air flows are distributed more evenly. The appliances from this producer feature an oversized fan that takes the baking process to a new level. The cooker can simultaneously bake several dishes, while being assured that the final outcome will be equally flawless.

Another great feature of the premium gas ovens from this manufacture is steam baking. In this case, traditional heating combined with optimal humidity creates the ideal cooking condition. 

As a result, biscuits and muffins gain a perfect porous texture and meat and fish just melt in your mouth.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine PremiumS Ovens – Gas Price

The premium status of these gas ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH is certainly reflected in their cost. Here you are paying for the highest possible quality and exceptional durability of these kitchen appliances. But don’t hesitate, it is definitely worth it.

Another reason to shell out a lot for these ovens is that the design of such appliances is  thought out to the smallest detail. It applies not only to their ultra-funnctional controls. In the models, there’re a lot of pleasant things that greatly simplify the use and maintenance. For instance, you no longer require making a lot of effort to wash the oven doors because they can be easily removed thus making the washing process much easier.

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