Electrolux Professional green&clean Rack Type dishwashers

Electrolux Professional green&clean rack-type dishwashers

Electrolux launches special green&clean rack-type dishwashers to help all kinds of catering outlets to benefit from high efficiency, peace of mind, excellent performance, and much more. Pay attention to a number of innovative features that can solve any washing needs. You can use only 1 glass of water to clean a rack of dirty dishes.

This product range guarantees low running costs and great savings, thanks to the innovative module that uses less energy, water, and detergent. Electrolux dishwashers provide users with amazing washing results, guaranteed sanitation, and user safety. They all are easy to maintain and use while being good to the environment. That’s why units are becoming more and more popular among modern consumers.

Electrolux green&clean rack-type dishwashers features

  • Integrated energy saving device uses a hot stream in washing and rinsing tanks to heat up water and guarantee energy savings;
  • Excellent capacity to ensure the best washing results;
  • Maximum Water Contact washing arms positioned along a washing tank;
  • 3-conveyor speeds to choose from via a control panel;
  • Innovative multi-rinse technology to ensure reduced rinsing water consumption, no matter of the chosen conveyor speed to provide users with low water and energy costs;
  • Integrated Wash-Safe control system to raise the water temperature for excellent sanitizing results;
  • Clear-Blue filters to remove soil from washing water and ensure the best washing performance;
  • Multi-rinse arms and double-rinse tanks to re-use final rinse water in a few phases and guarantee complete detergent removal and high hygiene levels;
  • No external boiler is needed;
  • Drying zones remove water from a crockery, thanks to high-powered fans, to provide users with dry cool and dry plates;
  • Integrated rinse and air break booster pumps for constant rinsing pressure and temperature, no matter of inlet water conditions;
  • Integrated drain valve in tanks for refreshed water with no interruptions in washing processes;
  • Automatic stop and start in different zones to reduce energy and power costs while ensuring low noise levels;
  • Intuitive touch screen control panel with a user-friendly display for easy operations and monitoring;
  • Automated clean, drain, and sanitize cycles;
  • The best protection against solid things and water jets;
  • All internal parts, such as rinsing and washing arms, curtains and tank filters, are easily removed for regular cleaning;
  • Internal chambers and doors are sanitized and cleaned completely to ensure maximum hygiene and avoid bacteria proliferation;
  • Big counter-balanced inspection doors;
  • Reduced manual time and work for operators;
  • Different interaction levels showing relevant data;
  • Self-draining rinse zones and washing pumps;
  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Special splashhoods to avoid water spilling;
  • Equipped with adjustable feet;
  • Convenient modular design for easy installation.

Electrolux Professional green&clean rack-type dishwashers price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a credible supplier of Electrolux equipment. This official dealer specializes in distributing top-notch units to different countries at quite attractive rates that can fit any budget limits.

Prices on such dishwashers vary from €4,781.33 to €67,363.69 based on such factors as the chosen model and its specifications, including the number of racks per hour. Every unit is designed by Electrolux to provide users with a long-lasting performance and be the best investment.

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