Electrolux Professional Reverse Osmosis Filters

Electrolux Professional reverse osmosis filters

Electrolux offers innovative reverse osmosis filters designed to remove almost all minerals in the water, thus guaranteeing the best washing results to users.

Electrolux reverse osmosis filters advantages

  • Used to treat water before feeding it into dishwashers;
  • Functions as a multi-step physical filter;
  • Comes with manual by-pass to secure units during any malfunctions;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Easy installation in both horizontal and vertical positions;
  • Requires cold water and suitable feeding water pressure;
  • All bacteria and impurities retained by membranes are eliminated by a special self-cleaning system;
  • Electronic control panel with a display that shows data, such as water leakage, filter exhaustion, and others;
  • Pushes high-pressure water through a membrane to get rid of impurities and salts.

Electrolux Professional reverse osmosis filters price

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You can buy reverse osmosis filters for €1,898.40. It will be your sound investment because of efficiency and reliability.

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