Electrolux Professional Built-In Refrigerating Unit - Temp. -2+2C

Electrolux Professional built-in refrigerating units -2+2C

Electrolux is a well-known brand for its high quality and reliability. Its range of built-in refrigerating units deserves your attention because of a long-lasting service, excellent performance, and guaranteed energy savings.

Electrolux built-in refrigerating units -2+2C advantages

  • Quick to assemble and install for easy handling, so no expert knowledge is needed;
  • Radiused edges and rounded corners for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Compliance with the highest hygiene and safety standards;
  • Fast-fit centering system for the best alignment of all panels;
  • Innovative vacuum injection technology to guarantee improved performances;
  • Control panel with different indicators and settings;
  • New fasteners in high-resistant materials for increased durability;
  • Equipped with internal lights that are waterproof;
  • Touch panel with a temperature controller;
  • Thick insulation and energy savings;
  • Internal and wall surfaces in galvanized steel;
  • Reduced defrosting time, total power, and warming;
  • Self-closing doors with special magnetic gaskets;
  • Interior safety release and improved ergonomics;
  • Defrosting through heated gas;
  • HACCP monitoring and durable construction.

Electrolux Professional built-in refrigerating units -2+2C price

Maran Projekt GmbH is a good choice for everything shopping for Electrolux refrigerating units. It’s an official dealer of this brand globally and it sets reasonable prices on top-notch equipment. Rates on built-in units vary from €4,801.40 to €7,779 based on their features and functions, such as sizes, capacity, and power. Whatever model you order from Maran, it will be shipped fast. This purchase is a sound investment because it will pay for itself over time.

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