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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

The best hotel equipment manufactured and designed by Electrolux serve such important purposes as creating a cozy environment and increasing the functionality and effectiveness of different technological processes. That’s why it’s a keystone for running a successful business and building its strong reputation in this industry.

Maran Projekt GmbH offers a full Electrolux hotel equipment list. Each unit sold by this reliable official distributor meets the necessary requirements of safety and quality. All products are easy to operate, maintain, control, and install. They include a complete range of Electrolux solutions for modern hotels, such as efficient stoves, dryers, ironers, refrigerators, self-service elements, frozen cells, furniture fittings, and so on.

A full Electrolux hotel equipment list

Electrolux Professional
Cooking Equipment

Professional Equipment for the Kitchen of Restaurant, Bar or Cafe:
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Turn-key solutions for hotels

For hotel complexes and small guest houses, Maran Projekt GmbH offers everything needed for turn-key solutions. Consider a long-lasting equipment performance, its safety, and trouble-free operations because these benefits make it a smart investment. Don’t forget about low running costs. Check a useful Electrolux hotel kitchen equipment price list:

  • Modular and industrial cooking options;
  • Cook and chill solutions;
  • Libero Line plug-in appliances;
  • Refrigeration units;
  • Servery and food preparation.

Equipment for Hotel Restaurants in Hamburg, Europe and Worldwide to order:

We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

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Excellent solutions for modern hotels

A wide range offered by Electrolux and distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH provide modern hotels with different modifications, capacities, executions, and extra features to benefit from excellent solutions. Once you decide to start using Electrolux equipment, you’ll easily meet all hotel requirements, no matter of your business size.

What are the benefits given by Electrolux equipment? Think about long-lasting performance, safety, low-service costs, and trouble-free operations. The main purpose of this type of equipment is to facilitate hotel businesses, their reputation, professionalism level, and conditions to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Electrolux equipment for hotels has already earned its solid reputation for being safe, economic, easy to use, and eco-friendly. The company also guarantees minimized investments in hardware, regular maintenance, and running costs to let you save a lot of money and time in the long run. Maran Projekt GmbH officially distributes professional equipment from Electrolux for hotels in many parts of the world.

An Electrolux hotel equipment price list

Want to order top-notch equipment solutions for hotels designed by Electrolux? Maran Projekt GmbH offers a great opportunity to get what you need while saving money. It’s an official international distributor of this brand, and it sets quite competitive prices.

They vary according to the equipment type you order and its specifications, such as power, extra feature, and size. Remember that prices exclude taxes and shipping costs.

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