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ALTENPFLEGE 2018: Electrolux - the hygiene experts

"Electrolux - the Hygiene Experts" is the motto of Electrolux Professional at the ALTENPFLEGE 2018 trade fair. The specialist for laundry and industrial kitchen equipment will be exhibiting devices for hygienic washing at the Hanover trade fair - both for in-house laundries and nursing homes Assisted living.

The news, recently published by the NDR that multidrug-resistant bacteria have been found in various waters in Lower Saxony, worries the public. At one point, the germs found in a stream could come from a private wastewater treatment plant in a nursing home, elsewhere from a hospital - the animal mast is called by the NDR editors as a possible cause.

For example, multidrug-resistant germs that pose a threat to debilitated patients and home residents continue to spread if they are transferred to clean laundry through improper handling of dirty laundry. "The risk of cross-contamination or recontamination of multidrug-resistant bacteria in nursing homes can be reduced by strictly separating the laundry cycle between dirty laundry and clean laundry," explains Thomas Schauerte, hygiene expert at Electrolux Professional.

Electrolux Professional therefore advocates designing and installing laundries in community facilities using the black-and-white principle. The essential principle here is the separation between the dirty and the clean side, from beginning to end: from collecting the laundry in separate laundry containers, to washing in barrier washing machines, which are filled from the dirty side and from the clean side be emptied until returned in disinfected containers.

At the fair: barrier washing machine and efficient dosing system
Electrolux Professional offers its barrier washing machine Evolution for in-house laundries of retirement homes and care facilities. The Electrolux Hygiene Washer is equipped with two openings. This allows the separation of the dirty and clean area in a laundry implement.

The Electrolux Professional sanitary washing machine has an efficient loading and unloading system, which increases the user's view of the inside of the machine and thus the user-friendliness. The extra large ERGO door ensures easy access to the laundry; the automatic opening options and pneumatic systems allow a safe and effortless use. Another user-friendly component is the inner drum doors. During unloading, they become a bridge between the washing machine and the laundry cart. So the laundry gets safely into the car, without falling to the ground, which also prevents re-contamination of the clean laundry.

Dosing system saves detergent, water and costs
At the show, Electrolux Professional will also introduce its Efficient Dosing (ED) system. In conjunction with the weighing system of the washing machine, it allows an exact dosage of the washing chemistry. This means that the washing process is only as much chemistry shot down as the weighed laundry needs. The water supply is adapted to the amount of laundry. This means that electricity, washing chemistry and water can be saved. Due to the correct programming and the automatic dosing of the liquid detergent, the relevant hygiene guidelines such as those of the RKI can be met. With a manual handling based on washing powder that is much more difficult. An interface can also be used to integrate third-party pumps into the solution.

myPRO washing machine for assisted living
More and more institutions for old-age provision and care offer, in addition to accommodation in a retirement home, opportunities for assisted living. At the same time, they are following the trend to set up small residential groups in the home for active pensioners. For these forms of living Electrolux Professional offers the laundry solution myPRO, which closes the gap between household and professional laundry.

Thomas Schauerte explains the use of the small and fast washing machine as follows: "From a hygiene point of view, it is very important to rely on a professional washing technology in the residential group area. Only they ensure that the washing process runs properly and, for example, keeps the desired 60 degrees long enough. "Conventional household washing machines do not meet these professional and hygienic requirements - which can be seen in everyday life too long washing times and poor results. In addition, the Electrolux myPRO washing machine complies with the Machinery Directive for professional use.

Thanks to its robust construction, the myPRO has a service life that is three times as long as conventional household appliances, and thanks to professional programs, it is also up to 50 percent faster than a household washing machine. Thomas Schauerte: "Of course the myPRO is also the ideal solution for other areas in homes, where the staff washes extra laundry in between."

The show also features a dishwasher by Electrolux Professional (an EUCAIDD), which is also suitable for small residential groups and assisted living.

Electrolux Professional can be found at the ALTENPFLEGE 2018 trade fair from 6 to 8 March 2018 in Hanover in Hall 19 Stand A67.

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