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ALTENPFLEGE 2018: Electrolux - the hygiene experts

Electrolux Professional came to the ALTENPFLEGE 2018 trade fair with the motto "Electrolux - the Hygiene Experts." The manufacturer of laundry, as well as industrial kitchen equipment, is going to showcase hygienic washing appliances at that event. The exhibited products will have to do with either nursing homes Assisted living and  in-house laundries.

It has been recently reported by the NDR that multidrug-resistant bacteria have been discovered in the waters of Lower Saxony. The news shocked the general public. Well, the germs discovered in a stream might descend from any of private wastewater treatment plants. They might find themselves in a nursing home or hospital, for instance. Among possible causes, the NDR experts pointed to the animal mast. 

As a matter of fact, multidrug-resistant germs threatening debilitated patients as well as home residents keep spreading if they are brought to clean laundry via improper handling of dirty laundry. The hygiene expert at Electrolux Professional, Thomas Schauerte told that it’s possible to reduce the risk of recontamination or cross-contamination of multidrug-resistant bacteria in nursing homes. For this purpose, the laundry cycle needs to be separated between clean laundry and dirty laundry.     

The company promotes developing and installing laundries in community facilities based on the black-and-white principle. The main thing here is to separate between the clean and the dirty side. First, the laundry needs to be collected in separate containers. Then, it should be washed in specialized barrier washing machines. Once one side is filled, another is emptied to disinfected containers.

At the fair: barrier washing machine and efficient dosing system

Electrolux Professional presents their effective dosing system and barrier washing machine. The barrier washing machine Evolution from the company is specially designed for care facilities and in-house laundries of retirement homes. The Electrolux Hygiene Washer comes with two openings. It ensures the separation of the clean and dirty area in a laundry appliance.

The Electrolux Professional sanitary washing machine boasts an effective loading as well as unloading system, increasing the user's view of the inside of the appliance and certainly the user-friendliness. Easy access to the laundry is ensured by the additional large ERGO door. An effortless and safe use is ensured by the automatic opening options as well as pneumatic systems. 

The inner drum doors are user-friendly too. They become a sort of bridge between the laundry cart and the washing machine during unloading. As a result, the laundry is safely transferred into the cart. It doesn’t fall on the ground, so it can’t get contaminated once again.

Save water, detergent, and costs with an effective dosing system

Electrolux Professional will also showcase the Efficient Dosing at the event. Combined with the weighing system of the washing machine, the appliance ensures a precise dosage of the washing chemistry. It means that the washing process will be backed by chemistry as much as it’s really required. As for the water supply, it’s adapted to the laundry amount. As a result, you can save your washing chemistry, water, and electricity.   

You can easily meet strict hygiene requirements due to the automatic dosing and the right programming. You can hardly achieve it with manual handling with washing powder. What’s more, the user-interface supports third-party pumps.

Make your life easier with myPRO washing machine

Aside from accommodation in a retirement home, a great number of institutions for old-age care and provision provide opportunities for assisted living. Besides this, they settle small groups of active pensioners in the home. That’s exactly where a new laundry device myPRO from Electrolux Professional comes in handy. This product is expected to close the gap between professional and household laundry. 

The use of the small and fast washing machine was explained by Thomas Schauerte. He told that in terms of hygiene it’s very crucial to utilize a professional washing solution in the residential group area. Only in this condition, the washing process will flow smoothly. Unfortunately, traditional household washing machines fail to meet hygienic and professional requirements. It’s not about the Electrolux myPRO. This device is suited for professional use and meets the Machinery Directive.

The myPRO is exceptionally durable. Due to its strikingly sturdy construction, its service life is three times longer compared to conventional household appliances. Moreover, it works 50% faster due to the availability of professional programs. Thomas Schauerte added that the device could be effectively utilized in other areas in homes exactly where staff washes additional laundry in between.         

The company will also exhibit a dishwasher the EUCAIDD that can be also successfully utilized for small residential groups as well as assisted living.

You can find their products from 6 to 8 March 2018 at the ALTENPFLEGE 2018 trade fair in Hall 19 Stand A67, Hanover.

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