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Feeding the world with Global Gastronomy Day

Prominent cooking gurus, in particular, Dan Barber, the well-known farm-to-table American chef, were taken by Electrolux to Sweden’s capital to take part in the Global Gastronomy Day program.

The event was devoted to preserving the Earth for the next generations and revolutionary meals are expected to help. A cooker enthusiastic about growing a yet spice-free flavorsome chilli from seed came in handy for the event.  

Barber appears to be the creator of the so-called farm-to-table movement. He invented it at his kitchen in the Blue Hill Restaurant, NYC. He came to Stockholm for the first time getting an award recognizing perfect cooking and gastronomic talent.

The given event is being held for the 10th time. This time it’s handed out in Stockholm in the form of a full-day seminar devoted to sustainable gastronomy. Among organizers, one should mention Electrolux and White Guide.

The Head of Communications at Electrolux, Ingrid Yllmark told that they combine different perspectives on sustainable cooking to make a positive difference and thus inspire a more conscious approach to professional cooking.     

The day was stuffed with knowledge and insights on the future of meals as a driver of changes. The participants were encouraged to find out how to feed the planet’s population more sustainably, much better and healthier.

The event generated plenty of questions both complex and simple. The participants discussed the export potential of chicken feet for Sweden and also paid attention to wasted coffee to cultivate mushrooms. The number of offers could be compiled into the novel.

Global Astronomy Day enabled to spread the influence cookers bring to the table, showcase the latest appliances, spur awareness of sustainable cooking, assist in reducing food waste. 

Barber gracefully completed the day by cooking a 13-course dinner built around his pop-up restaurant concept, dubbed Wasted, which has greatly contributed to promoting the food waste issue.

By simply appealing to the top world cooking minds, Electrolux Professional draws attention to the future and sustainability of food.

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