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Global Gastronomy Day: The seed to feed the world

Electrolux Professional brought influencers from the world of gastronomy, including famed farm-to-table US chef Dan Barber, to Stockholm for the very first Global Gastronomy Day. The question of shaping today’s food culture to preserve a sustainable planet for tomorrow was on the menu.

A chef that seeks to cultivate a flavorsome, yet spice-free chilli, from seed is certainly one of a kind.

Barber is famed for being the father of the farm-to-table movement from his kitchen in New York’s Blue Hill Restaurant. He spent his first trip to the Swedish capital receiving an award that recognizes outstanding cooking and gastronomic thinking.

The Global Gastronomy Award was handed out for the tenth time and, this year, was celebrated during a full-day seminar on sustainable gastronomy, organized by White Guide and Electrolux Professional at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

“By bringing together different perspectives on sustainable gastronomy, we can make a positive difference and lead the way towards a more conscious approach to professional cooking,” says Ingrid Yllmark, Head of Communications, Electrolux Professional.

The day was packed with insights and knowledge on the future of food as a frontrunner of change. The question posed was simple: How are we going to feed the world’s growing population better, and more sustainably, while ensuring we have a healthy planet in the future?

The answers ranged from the obvious to the extreme. From chicken feet becoming the next big Swedish export to the use of wasted coffee to grow mushrooms worthy of Michelin Star cooking, the solutions served up were novel yet feasible.

For Electrolux, the event presented the opportunity to spread the influence that chefs bring to the table - combined with advances in appliance innovation - to increase awareness of sustainable cooking and help reduce food waste.

Barber brought the day to a tasteful finish, preparing a 13-course dinner based on his pop-up restaurant concept, Wasted, that has helped to promote the problem of food waste. Using the likes of produce normally thrown away, he an array of exciting dishes includinghis speciality burgers created from vegetable pulp.

By appealing to the top gastronomy minds of the world, Electrolux is setting the frame for current discussions on sustainability and the future of food.

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