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Getting green by trying Swedish

Getting green by trying Swedish

“Try Swedish – go green”

The eco-friendly event is hosted by Electrolux Professional and Visit Sweden. It’s scheduled to take place in Manhattan on the 31st of May. The event is moderated by Argot Murelius.

The invited participants include Marcus Örnmark from Electrolux Professional, Line Gordon from Stokholm Resilience Center, Mathias Dahlgren who represents Rutabaga restaurant in Stockholm and also Fredrick Berselius from Aska restaurant in New York City.     

Mathias Dahlgren illustrated the general concept and also highlighted his new vego, restaurant, and okto-lovo.  

As for Line Gordon, the representative drew attention to the environmental impact of eating habits. Gordon also emphasized the necessity of consuming more sustainable food, in particular vegetables.

Besides this, Marcus Örnmark told that smart technology, cutting-edge solutions, as well as eco-friendly kitchens, greatly reduce water, detergent, and electricity consumption that is undoubtedly good for the environment and helps to save money. He added that they’re really proud to team up with reputable cookers as well as public institutions to have a greater impact on consumers. 

Finally, Fredrick Berselius illustrated his restaurant concept and revealed he grows his own ingredients for the establishment.

Other News

Electrolux Professional meets the new generation of professionals at ALIg Job Fair

On Saturday, November 16th, Electrolux Professional participated at ALIg Job Fair in Udine, looking for new, enthusiastic professionals. Electrolux Professional has a long history in participating at ALIg Job Fair and attends the event every year.

SkyLine gained the SMART Label award 2019

The SkyLine Cook and Chill solution by Electrolux Professional gained the Smart Label award 2019 for “Functional efficiency” thanks to SkyDuo, the self-intuitive connection between SkyLine appliances. Electrolux Professional enables customers to manage all their operations via OnE unique interface, by using connected and synchronized products and services.

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