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Making the most of ergonomic kitchen appliances

Making the most of ergonomic kitchen appliances

There’s a buzz about ergonomics of professional kitchen equipment today, although many chefs are still unaware of how they could benefit from really ergonomic kitchen appliances. We ought to make it clear in this review.

Professional Chefs are solely responsible for the overall quality of the dishes served to their clients. Additionally, they’re in charge of kitchen staff members whose teamwork is what determines the catering’s profitability. In order to understand how ergonomic kitchen appliances can boost up the cooking process, we need to consider organizational issues and quality.

To be short, ergonomic appliances can bring the following benefits:

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Time saving
  • Improved employee health
  • Reduced human errors  

Let’s consider these virtues in detail 

According to recent researches, the use of ergonomic kitchen appliances can increase productivity by up to 25%. It’s because in this case, standard operations become less time-consuming.

Streamlined workflows appear to be the outcome of the increase in productivity. More suitable equipment ensures fast execution of duties and makes operations carried out more rational. It results in enhanced efficiency of the cooking process.  

Your kitchen staff members’ need for sick leave can increase if you use mediocre equipment in terms of ergonomics. The use of ergonomic kitchen solutions results in a 75% reduction of sick leave in restaurant staff. Ergonomic appliances not only reduce the likelihood of single-injury episodes but also diminish fatigue and postural discomfort.    

User-friendly user interfaces can diminish mistakes in utilizing kitchen appliances and connecting them with each other in a solid workflow. It’s highly advisable for connected appliances to share the same set of controls, just to make them easier to use. 

Kitchen ergonomics in the future

Being aware of how chefs can benefit from ergonomic appliances, Electrolux Professional design their products accordingly. All their products are certified by ErgoCert to make sure they meet today’s ergonomic requirements. The company’s upcoming Cook and Chill solutions are going to open a new horizon of ergonomics for kitchen appliances. Stay in touch with us!  

Other News

A “golden year” for SkyLine: Janus de l’Industrie 2020

SkyLine – Electrolux Professional’s flagship range of Combi Ovens and Blast Chillers – has proved once again to be a multi award-winning product for its design and ergonomics. The latest recognition is one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned prize: the Janus de l’Industrie.

Electrolux Professional raises the bar with a new Red Dot Award for product design

The SkyLine Cook&Chill range wins coveted Red Dot Award in the category Product Design 2020.

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