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Internorga 2018: Virtual Kitchen, Cooking Star, SpeeDelight and Laundry Technology

At the Internorga 2018 in Hamburg, Electrolux Professional will be appearing at two booths: the Electrolux stand in hall A3 with sophisticated kitchen technology and on the HGK area in hall B1 with laundry technology.

Electrolux Professional offers chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers technology and solutions for their two areas of activity: the kitchen and the laundry.

Electrolux kitchen technology - great innovations in the smallest of spaces

Virtual kitchen:

Electrolux Professional Chefs have recently taken a chance to virtually test them before setting up a new kitchen. With glasses and two sticks in hand, based on virtual reality (VR) technology, as well as an app, cooks can now better understand how their newly planned kitchen will look in reality. In a virtual test, they immediately notice whether everything is going well in the future kitchen or where it should be optimized.

This means that long before the kitchen components are manufactured, configured and assembled, it is possible to determine whether the kitchen fits the client and is designed efficiently. The safety regulations can also be checked with the VR solution from Electrolux.

Electrolux Professionals new VR tool, developed by the CAD-CAM specialist Man and Machine for and with Electrolux Professional, makes it possible to virtually enter the future professional kitchen and to recognize where it can be optimized.

Cooking Star:

The ultra-compact, more than two-meter-long cooker from the manufactory production in Sursee, Switzerland, with the name "thermaline cooking star" has the advantage that it provides everything a cook needs in a single unit. The Cooking Star consists of the following components: induction cooker, combined frying and cooking plate, a small sink with mixer tap element as well as a refrigerated and deep-freeze base. The integrated Aqua-Cooker is multifunctional, it can be used as a sousvide, pasta cooker and bain marie. And all in a device with the smallest space requirement in the kitchen.


The Electrolux High Speed ​​Snack Grill combines many practical features of its innovative cooking technology to produce varied and delicious snacks. The difference compared to classic devices is its speed thanks to the innovative combination of three cooking technologies: it is three times faster than traditional sandwich preparation devices. Thanks to the contact plate, combined with infrared and microwave technology, the snack in the Electrolux SpeeDelight gets hot and crispy in less than a minute.

Electrolux laundry technology

lagoon® Advanced Care System: Electrolux Professional's second area of ​​expertise is also on view at Internorga. Electrolux Professional will be showcasing its innovative and easy-to-use, water-based system for Hotel Express cleaning.

Electrolux's Lagoon® Advanced Care System offers hoteliers the opportunity to wet their hotel guests' clothes, such as suits, blazers or blouses in no time at all. The Electrolux Professional wet cleaning process has the advantage that hoteliers do not have to comply with increased occupational health and safety regulations.

At the Internorga, the core products of the Lagoon solution are shown: the washing machine with individual gentle programs for each fiber, a dryer that gently dries and the appropriate finishing and washing agents. In addition, Electrolux will be exhibiting an ironing board.

The Electrolux Professional lagoon® Advanced Care System for wet cleaning allows you to wet silk or wool textiles and other delicate fabrics wet in just one hour, if you so desire.

Two Electrolux stand points at the Internorga from 9 to 13 March 2018
  • Electrolux Professional booth in hall A3 stand A3.218: professional kitchen technology
  • At the HGK in hall B1 booth B1EG210: professional laundry technology

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