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Cooking Star, Laundry Technology, Cooking Star and Virtual Kitchen at Internorga 2018

Electrolux Professional is going to be available at two booths at the Internorga 2018, Hamburg: the hall B1 with laundry technology on the HGK area and their stand in the hall A3 with cutting-edge kitchen technology.

Electrolux Professional offers restaurateurs, cookers and also hoteliers advanced solutions and technology for their laundry and kitchen. Up-to-date products from the company easily fit the smallest space.  

Electrolux kitchen technology - great innovations in the smallest of spaces

Virtual kitchen:

Chefs using products from Electrolux Professional have recently obtained an excellent opportunity to test them virtually prior to setting up a new kitchen. Well, with virtual reality devices created by Man and Machine and a mobile application, chefs are able to better realize how their future kitchen will look in reality. This virtual test will enable them to find out whether everything is OK in their future kitchen or not.

In other words, before the kitchen parts are produced, assembled, and configured one can determine whether this stuff fits the client or is designed in the proper way. As for the safety requirements, they can also be checked by means of the VR solution from the reputable manufacturer.

Electrolux Professionals new VR tool, developed by the CAD-CAM specialist Man and Machine for and with Electrolux Professional, makes it possible to virtually enter the future professional kitchen and to recognize where it can be optimized.

Cooking Star:

Manufactured in Switzerland, a strikingly compact cooker dubbed "thermaline cooking star" offers everything a chef requires in a single unit. The device includes a tiny sink with mixer tap element, a combined frying as well as cooking plate, an induction cooker, and deep-freeze base. 

The built-in Aqua-Cooker happens to be multifunctional. One can utilize it as a pasta cooker, bain marie or sousvide. All of this you can accommodate in a relatively small space.


The High Speed ​​Snack Grill from this producer actually combines a lot of practical features of its advanced cooking technology to cook varied and tasty meals. It outperforms conventional devices in terms of speed due to the successful combination of 3 cooking technologies. Well, it’s three times faster than conventional sandwich cooking devices. Due to microwave and infrared technology in addition to the contact plate, the snack cooked by means of the Electrolux SpeeDelight becomes crispy and got for a minute or even less.

Electrolux laundry technology

Those who visited Internorga 2018 also had an opportunity to assess the lagoon® Advanced Care System. That’s a very user-friendly cutting-edge water-based system for hotel instant cleaning from the company. 

It enables hoteliers to instantly wet clients’ clothes. Moreover, the wet cleaning process from the reputable producer doesn’t require hoteliers to comply with stricter health and also safety regulations.

Other solutions from this manufacturer presented at the event included a dryer gentry drying things, high-quality washing as well as finishing agents, a washing machine that comes with smart programs for every fiber, and also an ironing board.

Additionally, the Lagoon® Advanced Care System enables users to wet wool or silk textiles, not to mention other delicate fabrics wet in an hour.

Hurry up to visit two booths of the producer at the Internorga on March 9-13 2018:

  • The HGK in the hall B1 booth B1EG210: laundry solutions
  • A booth in the hall A3 stand A3.218: kitchen solutions

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