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Fine dining with rescued food

Fine dining with rescued food 

A kitchen of ReTaste boasts the latest solutions from Electrolux Professional. That’s a fresh pop-up restaurant in Sweden reportedly using food waste to create culinary masterpieces.

The restaurant opened in Stockholm in May. The menu is quite weird. It’s made of food that under other circumstances should have been dumped in a garbage bin. The very idea is to change the attitude of both restaurateurs and customers to raw production. 

It was started by the chef of the country’s Fotografiska museum restaurant, Paul Svensson. He told that they didn’t hesitate when choosing a partner and immediately stuck with Electrolux Professional since the high-tech company is also concerned about food waste.

As a matter of fact, Victoria, the H.R.H. Crown Princess had dinner there in order to promote awareness about the issue of food waste. At the event, she was accompanied by Electrolux President and CEO Jonas Samuelson.

Making the most of food waste

Electrolux community has been trying to resolve the global issue of food waste since 2016. For this purpose, the company started Electrolux Food Foundation aimed to encourage sustainable food choices among chefs and clients and also back folks in need.

Up to ten Food Foundation projects are being run worldwide. These projects are underpinned by the global Feed the Planet partnership with AIESEC and Worldchefs.

Getting closer to zero waste

Electrolux Professional is known for making a huge effort to create innovative food waste solutions. One of them is Zero Taste All Waste, a revolutionary new pop-up kitchen budget-friendly concept that can be successfully utilized to cook a delicious gourmet menu.  

Chefs from their Chef Academy made use of the humble carrot to come up with a catchy one-ingredient menu offering fritters, chips, burgers, soup, etc.

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