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SpeeDelight grasps 2017 Good Design award

SpeeDelight grasps 2017 Good Design award

The Good Design Award turns out to be a design-promotion system picking a good design out of a range of unfolding phenomena. It’s also expected to enrich industries, customers’ lives, and society in general by simply encouraging these works.

In the food industry, diverse operational functionality is indispensable due to the fact it ensures a diversified menu. The product comes with three different heating elements enabling chefs to cook a diverse and creative menu. The availability of ingredients and the power of imagination are the only limits here. 

As for extra benefits, one can point to an ergonomic design saving space and combining high-quality durable construction to suit the most challenging environments. One can operate it with minimal training. We hope the producer will add an original Japanese menu, which would be a great addition to the traditional hot sandwich. 

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