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Another triumph of SpeeDelight

Another triumph of SpeeDelight

As we know, SpeeDelight managed to grasp several prizes in the first year of its existence. The recent reward was gained in 2017 at the Janus de l’Industrie. That’s one of the highest design awards worldwide.

On October 2, the Head of Category Fast Cooking and Chill, Alberto Pezzutto, the Product and Marketing Communication manager, Claire Troton as well as the Senior Industrial Designer, Davide Benvenuti came up with SpeeDelight to the jury in Paris. 

Pezzutto told that the design history of SpeeDelight pleasantly surprised the jury and they assessed the assortment and quality of snacks cooked with that solution. He added that none of them objected to granting the Janus 2017 to SpeeDelight.

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