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Summer refrigerator maintenance tips to reduce waste and unexpected costs

Summer refrigerator maintenance tips to reduce waste and unexpected costs

With summer underway and temperatures on the rise, now is an ideal time to carry out professional refrigerator maintenance and ensure that your appliance is running safely and efficiently.

There are some simple steps you can follow to ensure that your professional refrigerator is working effectively so that you don’t lose perishable goods unnecessarily in the warmer weather as well as avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

Spoiled food leads to food waste, translating to lost revenues and contributing to climate change. In fact, every year between 30 to 40% of all food is wasted, which is a shocking amount.

Take the initiative to prepare your professional refrigerator for optimal performance by scheduling regular preventive maintenance. This approach allows you to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems, ensuring continued efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment.

Clean the interior and exterior

Start with a thorough cleaning of your refrigerator, both inside and out. Use an absorbent cloth, combined with mild detergent and warm water for the surfaces and shelves. Make sure to disinfect by applying sanitizer or soap to the surfaces but avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can cause damage.

Check the temperature settings

As the external, ambient temperature increases in the summer, so keep in mind that this can impact on the consumption of your professional refrigerator. Consider investing in a “smart performance” refrigerator system, such as the Electrolux Professional ecostore refrigerator with Optiflow, an inbuilt air circulation system that adapts intelligently to the best cooling results for the refrigerator load, maintaining optimal temperature uniformity and offering increased savings in energy consumption.

Inspect the door seals

check your refrigerator door seals for cracks, tears, leaks, or other signs of damage. Arrange for any damaged door seals to be replaced promptly

Clear the condenser coils

Any accumulated dust and dirt on the condenser coils can cause the refrigerator to overwork, overheat, and use more energy. You will need to be gentle in clearing the coils of debris, and it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush

Monitor the fan and motor

If your team has been reporting strange noises or vibrations coming from your professional refrigerator, then you might need to check and monitor the fan and motor to ensure they are both functioning properly. If you continue to notice any unusual sounds or vibrations, we recommend you to contact your Electrolux Professional Authorized Service

Schedule regular maintenance

Before the peak season starts, the most effective and long-term solution to guarantee an efficient and secure refrigerator is to schedule regular maintenance with a professional service technician from Electrolux Professional authorized service network.

An effective professional refrigerator maintenance offers long-term benefits for your business that stretch far beyond the summer.

Clean, dust-free refrigerator systems will consume less energy, ensuring smoother function and lower running costs. There will be less food waste and a lower risk of a breakdown over the summer, during the hottest months.

We encourage you to take proactive steps by scheduling regular maintenance and utilizing original spare parts, as these measures can significantly enhance the longevity and efficiency of your appliances, especially before the peak season starts.

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