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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

Commercial kitchen equipment plays an important role for guests in any restaurant these days. It should not only be functional, but also reflect personality and taste. Electrolux is a leading brand that has a long history and experience in manufacturing outstanding commercial restaurant equipment, which is shipped by Maran Projekt GmbH across the globe. Order highly efficient solutions to turn a professional kitchen into an entirely new realm.

Electrolux commercial restaurant equipment

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Electrolux is one of the best commercial restaurant equipment manufacturers because it offers a wide choice and other benefits, such as reliability, durability, highly efficiency, ergonomics, etc. They all serve as a solid proof in any professional kitchen. Maran Projekt GmbH is its authorized international distributor that ships innovative and quality units to any part of the world to provide consumers with durability, improved performance, great savings, and increased functionality. They all will provide a restaurant business with a cutting edge in the modern competitive market. Feel free to dry, cut, freeze, slice, cook, and do other things with a full range of Electrolux food preparation products.

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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

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Discover the benefits of professional kitchen equipment

Electrolux commercial restaurant equipment and supplies improve the quality and presentation of all meals in a few minutes with their full range of innovative solutions. Save both money and time and start using these multifunctional units that are lightweight, powerful, and easy to use at the same time. With its extensive equipment line to choose from, Electrolux saves your time and offers a peace of mind. Take a look at its highly efficient and ergonomic commercial restaurant equipment supply.

All individual equipment pieces are created to complement each other in a professional kitchen setting. They are famous for clean lines, durable exteriors, and other specifications that create a visual harmony in any environment. That’s because Electrolux designers work closely with leading commercial kitchen architects to create sophisticated and innovative restaurant solutions. Highly efficient appliances can create the best working environment. Their every aspect is easy to use, and this benefit is combined with a range of intuitive features. Electrolux commercial restaurant equipment for sale can revolutionize how any commercial kitchen functions. The company is focused on helping all customers improve their cooking experience while helping them provide consumers with the best end products.

How Electrolux makes cooking easier

The company managed to remove all complexities and make high-quality ovens to be intuitive. What does it mean? Professional ovens designed by Electrolux and distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH globally are easy to control and users can operate them intuitively. All you need to do is to select the right function, and then the necessary temperature will be automatically displayed and adjusted to suit different cooking styles.

Programmed cooking can reward all restaurant visitors with more impressive and consistent results. Electrolux commercial equipment for restaurants is contemporary, intuitive, and elegant. It’s also easy and chemical-free to clean.

Electrolux induction cooktops

These professional kitchen appliances are precise, safe, and powerful. The best part is that there are no naked flames, and reduced heat keeps restaurant kitchens cooler. The surface of this commercial equipment is easy to clean and a risk of accidental burning is reduced considerably. It can seamlessly fit into any cooking environment and it combines conventional electric cooking with innovative induction technology, which uses special electromagnetic fields to transfer energy and convert it into heat.

Users can benefit from the best temperature control because exact temperatures are maintained and reached with ease. Induction cooking revolutionizes commercial kitchens because they are safe and precise to use while consuming less power. Electrolux equipment innovations bring maximum cooking flexibility and freedom to modern restaurants of all kinds. It’s chosen by many restaurant owners and chefs because of thoughtful designs, great styles, ease of use, etc.

Electrolux professional refrigeration features

They provide users with their freedom to match and mix a full range of freezer and fridge combinations to meet all restaurant requirements. Electrolux designs the best refrigeration appliance to satisfy any food storage need. The company manufactures solutions that offer total control, visual harmony, mark-resistance, durability, energy savings, etc. They are appreciated by many restaurant owners worldwide.

International shipping

Electrolux professional equipment for laundries is distributed in many parts of the world, including such countries as Canada, US, India, etc. Such cities as Toronto, Denver, Calgary, Pensacola FL, Portland Oregon, Vancouver, Seattle, Atlanta GA, Houston, Phoenix AZ, Indianapolis, Ottawa, Tampa, Chicago, Dallas, Ontario, Houston Texas, NYC, etc. value a high level of quality and reliability of this equipment. You can order it in any state of Canada or the US, such as MN, NJ, Arizona, etc.

Electrolux commercial restaurant equipment prices

Maran Projekt GmbH offers a full range of high-quality Electrolux equipment for professional restaurant kitchens. It’s an official international supplier and authorized dealer of this brand worldwide. Make your online order and your highly efficient restaurant equipment will be delivered fast.

Prices are quite reasonable, and they exclude different shipping expenses and taxes. Prices range according to many factors, such as equipment types, specifications, sizes, etc. However, all consumers are sure to find a perfect solution for a restaurant kitchen offered by Maran Projekt GmbH.